Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, J! Five-years! :)

 Today is my little J's 5th birthday!  I am so happy to have him in my life.  It is shocking that he is really this old, but he really acts like a 5-year-old.  He woke up this morning at about 5:30 ready to begin his birthday.

He is our only child to have a birthday on a school day and this means some early present opening so we can all be together.  Of course, he chose this big present to open.  He loved them all.  It was fun to see him open them.
 Then, I took him to ride the minature train.  He loves it and it really is fun.  We took a friend with us, too.

 This engineer was super sweet.  When he found out it was J's birthday, he went and gave him some Cracker Jacks and then had the whole train sing to him.  What a great time!  And, it was near 100 degrees today and we went early enough that it was a pleasant ride.  :)
 On the way home, we stopped at a donut shop.  J wanted to go there so much!
 Later that afternoon, J wanted to help me make his cake.  So, he did and he loved it!
 (Including licking the beaters!)
 Here he is working with creating Yoshi (one of his presents).
 He also requested Yoshi for his cake.  Here is what I did:
 For some reason, I have no talent as an artist, but I can usually use a can of frosting and some food coloring and create a decent cake.  I guess this is my one artistic talent.  :)

Happy, Happy birthday, J dear!  :)  I love you!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So...I am trying this new Blogger interface.  The old one you had to have the pictures in reverse order to get them in the right order in the post.....I guess this new one you don't.  :(

I have had enough trouble posting any pictures....that I am just going to leave it in reverse order.

Thursday, August 4, 2011:  Leaving our Honeymoon Cabin.  Doesn't it look nice?
 Wednesday, August 3, 2011:  We went to Yellowstone.  It was fun and beautiful.

 Tuesday, August 2, 2011:  We hiked Mesa Falls and we went on a 5 mile canoe trip down the river:

 Monday, August 1, 2011:  We went to the city of West Yellowstone and also enjoyed watching the storms roll in from our porch.  This double rainbow was so close to us!

We had an amazing honeymoon.  It was so much fun, so relaxing, and so wonderful to be together, enjoying our first week of marriage.  Oh, yes!  We are so blessed.

Busy and Tired

I really have many, many posts pending....but, I haven't done them. :( I have found myself extra busy this year with my calling, a 7th grader, a 5th grader, a pre-schooler, piano, scouts, young women, etc. It seems like there are never quite enough hours in the day to do it all.

I also have been extra tired and exhausted....probably due to the above reasons.

So, I am alive. I am happy. I have more blessings than I can count. Life is good. Like the title of my blog, I truly "Have a Good Life."