Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, LD

Little Dan is now 1 year old! It is incredible to me how time flies.

His birth story is kind of fun. I didn't want him to be born too early...I wanted to go to the BYU football game first. I didn't think it was going to happen as I have never made it closer than 11 days before my due date and the game was only 5 days before due date with LD. I guess, however, that LD was accommodating for I got to go to the game! It was so fun and BYU beat an undefeated, 11th ranked team! Awesome!

The next morning I awoke slightly early with my water breaking...more like leaking..K's really broke and gushed...his was more like a trickle. I did laundry, packed, got my older kids off to school, made arrangements for them at the end of the day, helped DH cancel appointments at the clinic, etc. By the time we left home, my contractions were only three minutes apart...but the darn things slowed down by the time we got to the hospital. I had not been able to go "natural" with K and C, but I really wanted to with LD. So...we did! The funniest thing is that I remember right as it was time to push him out that I was so stressed about my big kids getting picked up from school. It was irrational, since one of my best friends was doing it, but I was really stressed and then he was born less than 5 minutes later!

He is such a joy to me. I waited a long time for him and I think this helps me cherish him even more! He is so happy, but so mischievous! He is a path of destruction, a tornado, etc.

Happy Birthday, Little Dan!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Idiot Mom

Sometimes I just feel like an idiot mom. This morning, I kept C from school to make sure that he didn't have any issues with breakfast and to see if he was behaving normally. He was behaving great. He didn't have a fever. He hadn't thrown up for 24 hours. So, just before 10 I take him to school. But, 1:30 and the phone nurse...C has a temp of 102.7 and needs to go home. I just feel like an idiot for taking him in at all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Something that every child must have one of....

An asleep in the high chair photo! I guess LD did take a nap early today, but I didn't realize quite how tired he was until he was eating a snack while I cooked dinner (the only way to keep him out from under my feet without giving him a nap...ha ha...backfired on me today)...and I turned around and there he was-zonked out! Notice how messy crackers can make the tray. I do clean it multiple times a day, I promise! Also note the cute curls on top of his head. :)

In other news...C is home sick with the 24-hr stomach bug. Cross my fingers that he is the first and last...but I am actually expecting more vomit to come. Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sometimes it's just plain hard to be a mom.

Like today. This is my second night in a row with four hours of sleep or less. Somehow that just makes it more difficult to function. LD had a fever all night. It was 103.1-high enough to make me want to keep an eye on him (and, of course, give him Tylenol), but not high enough to call the nurse or take him to the ER.

And..K couldn't find her school library book that needed to be taken back today.

And..C somehow lost his library book between 7:00 and 7:30 this morning while helping K look for hers.

Needless to say, I dropped off two very cranky kids at school this morning.

And...yesterday I had to work in the afternoon (I really don't mind, in fact I enjoy it)...but in combo with LD and his awesomely clean house and schedule is completely wrecked. Normally, I'd just go pick it up...but with my lack of sleep it just seems frustrating!

Let's just say...there are some days that it's easier to be a mom than others.

But, the fact is...I am soooooooooo grateful to be home with my three angels and I would not trade it for the world. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for a husband that goes out and "slays dragons" so that I can be here with LD and ready with hugs, nutritious snacks, and an understanding ear when my bigger kids get home from school. It is the hardest job I have ever had, but the best! :) And I would do it again and again and again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did you forget?

I am grateful for friends that remember and remind me to do the same. Not that I forgot, but not that I remembered either! Make sense? Here's my comment from TXMommy's post. Thanks for helping me remember!

Hmmm..I have remembered all week, especially this morning, but I didn't even think to mention it on my blog. How quickly we go about our lives. It is good to remember. My kids cry when we talk of it...although both were too young to remember, I guess they're old enough to empathize. We do have to fight for our freedom and what is right. We do have to pray for help...for without it, we are lost.

And The Winner Is.....


I love Fall. Always have. It is my very favorite season and today is a great fall day!

Fall brings:
  1. Football
  2. School Starting
  3. Cool Breezes
  4. Falling Leaves
  5. Cooler Temperatures

Today it is dramatically cooler and breezy. When I went out for my morning walk..I was actually cold! Now the windows are open and LD and I played outside (it was somewhat swampy from yesterday's rains, but too gorgeous to pass up!) for a long time enjoying the beautiful sun with the cool breeze! How lucky am I!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Total Mom Makeover

I really should get paid for this-I've sold enough copies for her (I'm not paid...just in case you're wondering!). I have found a book that I love. I am reading it for the second time and I still love it. I have recommended it to friends and family far and near and everyone that is doing it loves it. So...whether you are exactly the Mom that you want to be or feel like the goal is unattainable....this book is awesome! It is a daily self-help book, but unlike others that I have browsed through before, it focuses on all aspects of your life: appearance, home, kids, husbands, work, health, etc.. I really love it. I don't agree with everything she recommends, but I love most of it...and I feel more in control and happier with my life. That's worth it to me.

And...if you know me at all, you know that I don't buy books. I love to read, but I never read a book twice. Thus, my three library cards to three different library systems. So, for me to say this is well worth the money to BUY really saying something. Anyhow, check it out at your local library. I'm guessing you'll love it. Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

There's nothing better than this.

Yesterday it got very quiet all of a sudden. If you have a baby/ know this almost always means trouble. So, I went on a baby search. I found LD sitting peacefully on top of the pillows (it was bedding washing day), looking out the window at the rain. It was so sweet.
Oh...and here's a picture of that broken fixed. Thank Goodness.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Holiday. Another State Park.

Remember a few weeks ago when we bought our State Park Pass? Well, we put it to good use again today. I really love that thing. We headed out to a nearby park that had real dinosaur footprints in the river bed, lots of gorgeous hiking, swimming in the river, etc.

We got up just before six, got ready, and headed to Arby's for breakfast. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision and actually was pretty good. We also had to stop at WalMart to see if, by chance, they carry those toddler backpacks. We gave our last one away after C and last trip we borrowed one...but I forgot until about midnight...and thought it might be too late to call anyone. I really need to buy one. Of course they didn't have one, but I am now going to buy one and have it ready at all times. With our pass, I think I will have a backpack full of water, snacks, sunscreen, diapers, etc., and just have it ready at all times so that when the urge strikes, we can basically grab the backpack and go.

We were the first ones at the park this morning, so we got to determine what we most wanted to do. We ended up hiking for 3-4 miles we are guessing. It was a great hike: some challenges, but not too difficult. We had to cross the river twice and the second time we had to get really wet, so we just stopped and swam in the river for awhile. It was really fun.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home. We also got caught in a flash flood storm that was really bad. We had zero visibility. It was scary. I am glad we got home safe.

We have such a great time as a family and for that I am grateful. We love to hike and camp together and our kids have great memories of our trips. We are also now thoroughly exhausted! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What a crazy life we lead....

So..this morning DH is off with the boy scouts to help clean-up a ranch for a fundraiser. So...I had "THE List" to accomplish. My hope was that I could get everything done on the list and then be free this evening and Monday to just do whatever with DH and the fam. So, I clean up the house with my morning routine. I am just about to head out to edge and mow when I look at the top of my Saturday list (written a week ago) says "H Baptism."

Oh no. It is 9:05. Baptism starts at 10:00 at the Stake Center (I have to allot 30 minutes drive time due to horrid traffic in that area of town!). All four of us are in grubby clothes. I haven't showered (I was headed outside, for goodness sakes!). So..the whirlwind begins: clothes changes, shower for me, finding books to write down to take to Barnes and Noble since their free book thing ends tomorrow, getting a diaper bag ready (DH took the van, which is the permanent home for my regular diaper bag), looking for my driver's license...I think it is in the regular diaper bag in the van, changing car seats ( van). But..miracle of miracles, traffic was much lighter than it EVER is and we made it right on time. It was so nice to be there, especially since another of K's classmates got baptized, too, so we got to witness both. I forgot to mention, however, that in the chaos of getting ready I let LD get into whatever he wanted. So we came home to dirty silverware from the dishwasher all over the floor, toys all strewn out, my blow dryer, make-up, lotions, and etc emptied out of my bathroom nice clean house...terrorized.

Now...just as I type this I find out that some of the boys were throwing bottles at the boy scout fundraiser and our windshield got hit and shattered. Lovely (hear the dripping sarcasm!). Another thing to take care of. Oh well, DH doesn't even sound mad on the phone. That is a blessing. I guess it'll be okay. Like I said: just another thing to take care of.

See..What a CRAZY life we lead.