Friday, August 22, 2014


I just have to document what happened with V earlier today.  She was sitting on the fireplace and I mentioned that she was getting to be such a big girl. I then told her it was almost her birthday. She said, "I know. V birthday coming right up.". That was funny enough for me to hear her say that, but what came next was even funnier. I said, "yes you will be two." She said, "no I three." I said, "no you will be two." She then said, "okay, I five."And over and over and over again she would say that,  "I five." "V 5 on birthday." I kept saying, "no, you will be two." But she would not let it go. She kept saying "I five. I five." 

I think she thought that if I wouldn't let her be three, that she may as well be five. It was very funny.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Such is Life

Life doesn't ever seem to go as planned.  I am sitting here feeding my baby, preparing to go to a three hour neurology / opthamology appointment.

  You see, I cannot see in my right eye.  We have been to doctors, even the ER. No diagnosis yet. No reason for this malady. 
I am very hopeful that the doctors today will either figure out what is going on, or point us in the right direction. I have faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know he knows what is going on. And, I know that he would only leave it as a trial if it would help to me or help my family.

Today, I have a number of family members and friends that are joining together to fast for me.  I feel so blessed by their love and prayers and the prayers of everyone else that is praying for me. I already can see benefits from this trial.

Hopefully soon, I can post with the answers.