Thursday, March 26, 2015

So behind....I think it is a perpetual state.

I have so much that has happened. We are doing so much.  CK does not believe in absolutes, but in this case, I do. I think this is the busiest we have ever been.

We have a minimum of four baseball practices a week and a minimum of 3 games, usually four.  In addition, we are preparing for K to go to girls camp, C to go to scout camp, & J to go to Cub Scout day camp.  This involves a lot of fundraising. And fundraising takes time.

In addition, A is coming to spend a week and a half with us. I cannot wait. I am so excited.  And my parents are here, currently with my sister, but they will spend a few nights with our family as well.

It just all adds up to crazy crazy crazy.

One thing that started the crazy and I have not documented is that we went to Missouri. We left for Missouri 3 weeks ago tomorrow. We went and stayed in a house there. We spent Friday driving.  We spent Saturday organizing, shopping, and going to see A perform in a play. 

Sunday, we went to church and spent some quality family time. Mom K was there with us too. She also came to see A's play.

Monday, A had to go back to school, and we left and drove to Kansas City.  We got to go see Independence and Liberty Jail. 

We stayed in a hotel that night. In the morning, CK and I went and did a session at the Kansas City Temple.  We went back to the hotel, gathered up all the kids, and CK, K, and C went and did baptisms while I sat outside with the three littles.  Then, we drove home.

The funny thing is that the day before our trip, we had an ice day and school was canceled.  We had 4 or 5 days off of school in the two weeks prior to spring break. 

The rest of spring break was fun, too. Wednesday, we just unpacked and recuperated.  Thursday we went and saw a movie. Friday we were going to do donuts at the park for breakfast, but it was pouring rain. So, we met my sister and her kids at Krispy Kreme. That was our fun for the day.  And it always is fun to get the cousins together.

I do have a few pictures that I will add to this perhaps.  Many of our pictures in Missouri I took with my new camera.  That makes it harder to post. Not only is it not as convenient as the phone, they are huge files and I will have to save them as smaller files.  I am hopeful that I will get to it, but, do you remember how crazy this time of life is for us right now?

I really cannot complain. Life is busy. Probably too busy. But, I have such wonderful children. I have a wonderful husband who has started a new job and now commutes an hour each way.  But, while he is exhausted, he does not complain. He just comes home and starts right in to helping me. What a great guy.  I love Jesus Christ. I am more and more aware of how much He has done for me.  I am certain I still know very little, but I am learning. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the joy that it brings me. See? I cannot complain. I have a very blessed life.

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Birthday

My birthday was a great day.  My friend, Sister G came and babysat our littles and CK and I went to the temple. 
After the temple, we went out to lunch.  Yum!
J loves to be of service and made me a surprise snack to celebrate my birthday.
All the kids had activities that night, but we got done and met up at Denny's for a quick birthday dinner.  I sure love my family!

From the kids, I asked for each of them to give me something individual to do with them.  They were very creative.
 K is taking me to an orchestra performance and a treat after.
C and I are going bowling.
A and I are going to a movie and baking cookies.
J and I are going minature golfing.
V and I are going to Storytime and then a picnic in the park.
Baby C and I are going on walks just the two of us.

And, then, for the most expensive present I have ever had (besides my wedding ring), CK gave me a NICE camera.  I have wanted one for years and I already love it.  I think blogging will be a little harder since I cannot do it from my phone, but I already wasn't doing a good job.  Hopefully I can improve!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Great Day

Today is my birthday.  38 has treated me well so far.  More to included!  :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Great Friends

So, I truly have some of the best friends ever.  I have been blessed with old friends and new friends.  I cherished having a dear best friend all throughout high school (We are still friends to this day ...and I even named V after her).

This is one of my angel friends, J.  She is one of the most amazing women on the planet.  We have been best friends for years and even though we no longer live close, we are still close.  I am so grateful.  She does a ton of sacrificing for me...with my two little ones and the MS, she does almost all of the driving so we can spend time together.  She is a true example of Christ-like love and a desire to be as he is.
  This is my dear friend, J.  She lives across the street from me.  She is Christian in every sense of the word.  It is such a treasure to me that we can lift each other up and support each other as we strive to live as Christ.  I love that I have a neighbor I trust completely.  It is so helpful, especially when I need help with my kiddos.  I have no reservation with her watching them.   

 I love people.  I love getting to know so many wonderful people that share the planet with me at this time.  I am so blessed and these two friends show it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blue and Gold

It was J's first Blue and Gold as a cub scout.  It was fun and very well done.  I love our leaders.  J and CK made the cake for the Dad/Lad cake contest.  J's award was he was "1 in a minion" because of his curiosity and desire to learn.  Very true of J.  :)

In other news, my nephew will be born tomorrow!  Sooooo excited!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby C is ONE!!!!!

It seems impossible, but it has happened. Baby C turned one. His birthday was on Friday. We actually had to start the celebration Thursday night, because Big C had a basketball tournament starting Friday night. We had his favorite foods for dinner. We had chocolate cake, which he has liked in the past, but did not really enjoy this time. He is a very picky eater.  We are really working hard at getting him to try some new foods. 

He and all of his siblings, especially V, love his new toys he got for his birthday.

I am so grateful that he is in our family. I know he is supposed to be here. He brings so much joy to our lives. He loves to laugh. And we love to hear him laugh. He loves his siblings and he loves his parents. He is enjoying figuring out how to walk. He just takes off and walks to the middle of the room and then plops down.  He doesn't seem scared at all. He doesn't like us to hold him and let go, but he likes to let go of whatever he is holding and start walking.  Sometimes he has a destination, sometimes he does not. He, unlike all of his older siblings, is not a talker yet. I guess it helps that he has so many people to interpret what he is saying that he does not need to speak clearly. The funny thing is that he can say everybody's names relatively clearly. But, common words he does not say. He also doesn't say mom or mama.

I am, obviously, disappointed and that he is growing so quickly and that I will never experience these stages again in my children's lives.  But, it is so much fun to see his personality come out. It is so much fun to be able to enjoy life with him.

I sure love you, Mr. Mago.

(And, like usual lately, the pictures are not in order. I may or may not have an opportunity to rearrange them, but at least they are here.)