Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's cold outside and it's loud inside!

First, I haven't disappeared, I promise. Just out of the loop lately. Thank-goodness I have the November Ensign full of words of the prophets to keep me grounded.

Anyhow, it is freezing...literally...outside. They say an ice storm is on the way, but it doesn't seem so certain to me. I think we might have a late start tomorrow, but not a day off. We'll see, though. I am definitely not a meteorologist.

We have all been busy with our family Santa gift...Rockband. It is so fun to play together as a family. Anything that brings us closer together is good. C rocks at drums. DH loves the guitar. K is an excellent singer. It is fun, even though it can get super loud. Here is LD "playing" the drums. He loves to "play." :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Locked out

Ya gotta love two-year-olds. Today, right after my shower (I was fully dressed, but my hair still wet), I decided to run an extra bag of trash down to the curb before the trash truck came around. It was freezing so I ran and it was literally a 10-second job.

When I got back to the door, it was locked and LD was on the other side saying, "I locked the door, Mami." Duh! Here I was locked out in the freezing cold with wet hair. No keys. All the doors to my house locked. DH has Tuesday mornings off, but he'd gone for a hike and since he has a new cell phone and I just have it programmed in my phone I couldn't even remember his phone number. I decided I might just have to sit outside and freeze until DH returned. I couldn't very well leave my little two-year-old home alone. After about 15 minutes of "Mami, open the door!", (To which I'd reply, "I can't. YOU LOCKED IT!") LD finally figured out how to unlock the deadbolt and let me in! WHEW!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change...a little boy is growing up.

This post is all about our precious LD. I have no doubt that he was sent to our family for very specific reasons at the time he was. What a little ball of joy (most of the time....he can be very two-ish when he wants to be!). This week has marked big changes for him.

First, on Saturday, DH and I finally put up the bunk beds and took down the crib. I know, I know...he was a bit old for a crib! He is by far our the oldest of any of our kids to leave the crib. But...he loved it and I loved it. It was a win-win. Nonetheless, it was time for him to move up. He cried saying goodbye to his crib on Saturday, but since then, I don't think he has looked back. He is even taking naps on it well, which is what I most worried about.

Second, he has been potty training. He is doing so well. So far....no accidents! I know they will come, but this sure is a great start! What another big change for the little guy. Since we are just in the early stages of training, I still put on a diaper when we go out. It was funny since tonight we were in the library and he started screaming "I'm going bish (Spanish) right now!" I guess he has figured out what it feels like to need to go.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Last day of Christmas Break

It is the last day of Christmas Break, not counting the weekend. I have to say...I am ready for the kids to go back to school. I am ready for the routine of life again. I am ready to not have constant bickering. I have loved having them home, but it is definitely time.
Thank goodness that today we have a lot of friends over. It is so fun, although the girls do feel outnumbered (3 girls and 8 boys). Luckily, the girls are the three oldest and enjoy helping the littler ones, as well.
The weather is so beautiful that we even got to go outside for a picnic lunch (and it felt HOT!). The great thing about this picnic is that it was so win-win. When the girls asked if they could have a picnic and I said "Yes," you would've thought I was the greatest mom on the planet. What they didn't know is that....by having a picnic, we had crumbs outside and plenty of seating for all 11! What a great way to spend our last day.