Saturday, May 5, 2012

And....the baby is.....

 We went to our ultrasound yesterday.  I am 19.5 weeks and counting.  So far, so good!!!  When we got home (after a 3.5 hour doctor's appointment-mostly waiting), We found the above at our doorstep.  What a great idea!  How loved we feel.  It is anonymous.  I checked with a couple people, but it wasn't them-or they are great at faking.  I have been blessed with so many dear friends, that I cannot pin down who it could have been!!!!  If you are my secret friend, thank you so much!  This truly made my day.  (I really think it was my sister-but I cannot pin her down and get her to admit it!)
 And....THIS is the bag I opened.  Yep, our baby is a little girl.  I was surprised that I was disappointed.  This whole pregnancy I have wished for a girl.  CK has wished for a boy.  Perhaps during the last few months I have changed my wish to his.  I was definitely shocked that I was disappointed at all.

Not for long- This is what I found in the bag:
Isn't this outfit sooooooooooooooo cute?!? (Even cuter in person!)  I think that shopping for my baby girl will alleviate any and all disappointment!  I haven't had a baby girl in 13 years.  This will be fun.  I also LOVE patterns and this is my family now:  Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl.  Sweet!