Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank goodness for company!

I are all shocked. I finally posted. It has been a very busy (and a little bit tough) few weeks and, in the midst of it all, I really haven't felt like blogging. But, I would like to blog I start by sharing how glad I am that DH's parents are here.

I really love them (a lot-I have such great in-laws)...but, that is not house is spotless! Nothing like company coming to do the little projects that I've been putting off. The house is clean, clutter-free, and wearing new wall art! :)

Needless to say that in the non-blogging weeks, I wasn't as on top of my house as usual either, so having it clean is an amazing accomplishment! It feels so good.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blessings of Bilingual Children

Today, I asked LD what he wanted for lunch after church and he cheerfully responded, "How cream!" After a politely told him "No" multiple times, he came back with, "How about...helado (Spanish for ice cream)!" How cute! He does this frequently...asks for what he wants in one language and if he doesn't get it, asks in the other!