Saturday, September 5, 2009

Everything Testifies of Him (Updated!)

It is amazing how everything really does testify of our Savior. Everything.

For a few weeks, I have been working on putting in a basketball "court" in our backyard. It isn't even close to full size, maybe not quite half, but I did triple the size of our patio and put in an in-ground basketball hoop. I have had lots of help. I hired concrete workers to do that part. Then, I put a portion of the hoop together. Finally, my good friends have come over TWICE to help me with finishing it....TWICE...what good friends they are!!!!

After we got it all in and finished this morning, the thought struck me with great force that no matter how hard I would've tried I could NOT put the hoop up by myself. It was absolutely physically impossible for me to do it alone. Doesn't that sound so familiar? NO matter how hard I try, I cannot return to my Heavenly Father by myself. It is impossible to do alone. That's why we have a Savior.

The second thought that also struck me with such force is that it felt so good to turn over the project to T. I let him carry the burden (literally with the weight, and figuratively with reading/following the instructions to put it together). I knew it would get done right and it was such a load of worry off of me. Again, sound familiar? How many times is it such a relief to turn the burden over to Jesus Christ? We know He will do it right. We know he will carry the burden.

Amazing...all things typify of Him.

PS....I have before, during, and after pictures that I will add to this post, but I have a VERY important football game to go watch (GO COUGARS!). I will post them later. Promise.

Update (09/07/09): Pictures are here and the Cougars WON! :) Game worth watching!


kiki said...

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!! And they haven't beat a team in the top ten since 1990, until today! It was such a good game. I watched it too! :)

The 7B's said...

I can't wait to see pictures. I'm glad you have good friends to help you out! Go Cougars!!!

chicagosapps said...

Your court is great! I'm sure you'll spend many an hour out there shooting and boxing out! And I watched the BYU game too, wasn't it so exciting and amazing?

We've considered moving back to Texas a few times, but never have been able to make the plunge. Any time we consider it, we think of the summers and how unbearable they are. Then I bring up how unbearable the winters are here, and we have survived. So it COULD happen some day. But it will probably just remain a dream. We sure miss you too, and hope you're doing well.

KP said...

I love your ability to see Heavenly Father's hand in all things! Believe it or not that game was playing here, too!

zeebee said...

Great post!!! and AMAZING pictures! love you!

Yvonne said...

Love the new basketball court! What a project! I'm sure your kids love it :)