Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Months Old!

Taken 2/19/2013...not sure why the error on the date stamp

V is 5 months old today!!!  Wow!  She is getting bigger and bigger.  We are so grateful that she is gaining weight.  I usually think that she looks so much like CK, but there are moments when she looks like my baby pictures.  Since none of my other children look at all like me, it is an odd feeling to have her look like me on occasion.  

She is so much fun right now.  She loves to sit up (with a little help still...but almost alone already!), stand (definitely with help, but she is always so proud of herself when she is standing), and smile.  She is very aware of each member of our family, especially her parents and she rewards us with big open-mouthed smiles.  She is starting to laugh, usually when she is tickled.  We are so grateful that she is part of our family.
Taken 2/19/2013...not sure why the error on the date stamp

In other news....Sad but true (Ms. Bindergarten got the flu..(from one of our favorite books))...I have 8, yep-you can count them-EIGHT posts that need to be posted.  -sigh- Life is busy.  We are so blessed and it is, indeed, a good busy, but busy nonetheless.

One final note, I feel that we have been so blessed as we work on our food storage.  I have been storing some long-term storage for a while, but I have felt the need to follow local and global church leaders' counsel and store a 3-month supply of "regular" food.  We have a relatively tight budget.  We have enough, but not really extra to just go and buy more food.  I have noticed, though, that as we consistently work on adding more to our storage that our food budget goes further.  It just stretches somehow.  I KNOW it is a blessing from God.  I KNOW He is blessing us as we strive to be both obedient and prepared.  I feel so blessed.  And, being prepared just makes me happy.  It was the one thing I could focus on throughout the divorce and always feel happiness and peace.  It continues to bring me such joy.  There is nothing quite as fulfilling as a slowly-filling freezer or finding more food in the pantry.  I also love how it makes it so easy to serve others.  If anyone needs a meal, no need to make a special trip to the store, I already have the ingredients and I can make a meal and replace the ingredients next time I am at the store.  So cool.  :)

I am so blessed.  So blessed indeed!

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