Wednesday, February 26, 2014

37 years young

Happy Birthday to me!!

This year has been a great one. Some changes for sure, but some the same...same house, same husband, etc.

Changes this last year include:
-K beginning high school and early morning seminary
-C doing athletics including early morning practices for football and basketball and after school for track.
-Baby C joining our family (now almost three weeks old!)
-A new stake formed. We are part of that new stake while a substantial part (although not near half) of our ward got split off to remain in our former stake.

What a great year! I am a very blessed woman! I adore my husband. I enjoy my six kids. I have to live on a budget, but we have all the necessities of life without going into debt. We have a comfortable home. We rejoice together in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have great friends - both old and new. My sister and family live close and we all love them. I am blessed indeed. My pain was real and still hurts sometimes but oh what a small moment it was and I am blessed more than I ever could have imagined.

Happy birthday to me!


Lana said...

Happy Birthday dear Ruth!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday my friend!
Glad to know the pain was a small moment. Sometimes it seems to go on and on and will never end.

So glad you were born:) You're such a great support