Friday, March 6, 2015

My Birthday

My birthday was a great day.  My friend, Sister G came and babysat our littles and CK and I went to the temple. 
After the temple, we went out to lunch.  Yum!
J loves to be of service and made me a surprise snack to celebrate my birthday.
All the kids had activities that night, but we got done and met up at Denny's for a quick birthday dinner.  I sure love my family!

From the kids, I asked for each of them to give me something individual to do with them.  They were very creative.
 K is taking me to an orchestra performance and a treat after.
C and I are going bowling.
A and I are going to a movie and baking cookies.
J and I are going minature golfing.
V and I are going to Storytime and then a picnic in the park.
Baby C and I are going on walks just the two of us.

And, then, for the most expensive present I have ever had (besides my wedding ring), CK gave me a NICE camera.  I have wanted one for years and I already love it.  I think blogging will be a little harder since I cannot do it from my phone, but I already wasn't doing a good job.  Hopefully I can improve!

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Andrea said...

Yipee for a new camera!!!
Happy Birthday.