Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

So, the interesting thing is that yesterday morning (Saturday at 4 am) I was up feeding Baby C.  I thought through this whole post and had it all planned out.  Do I remember it now?  No.  Not a bit.

But, I still want to celebrate this very special day.

There are many, many, many women that have inspired me, taught me, loved me, influenced me, and just made a huge impact on my life.  But, today I will focus on those three women that I call Mom.

First, my Mom.  She is the one that gave birth to me and raised me.  She is amazing in so very many ways.  I am grateful that she chose to stay home with me.  I am grateful that she taught me the gospel from before I could talk.  Her faith and example is inspiring.  Through her example, she taught me what is most important in life.  She taught me how to sacrifice for others.  She taught me how to be selfless, especially as she was for me!  I am so grateful that I was sent to her.  I love you, Mom.

Next is my Mami.  She is my first mother-in-law.  She is an example of love without boundaries.  She has taught me about huge sacrifices for the gospel.  She shows me all the time that I will always be her daughter, even though her son and I have gotten divorced.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She has taught me how to slow down and enjoy the life I have been given, while never giving up on bettering myself.  Te Quiero, Mami!

And, my third Mom.  She is my second mother-in-law.  She has shown such acceptance and love to me and my children I already had before marrying CK.  She is a great example of putting all kids and grandkids first in her life.  She accepts and loves each and every one with their own unique personalities and talents.  She hates it that we live so far away, but she takes the time to mail us a small thoughtful package for every holiday.  She, like my other Moms, has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is inspiring.  I love you, Mom.

But, it isn't just my moms that make my day special, there are six wonderful people that have made ME a mom.  I love them all so very much.  They are my life.  I am so blessed to have them.

K was (and is) my first.  She inspires me with her integrity and great desire to always do what is right.
C is my first son.  He is an example of service and a willingness to help me.
A is my daughter that wasn't mine at first.  While she is technically my step-daughter, we love each other with a true love.  She has taught me how to accept and love all.
J is such fun.  He is an example of enjoying the moment.  I love his cuddling and desire to be close to me.
V is a uniting bundle of energy.  She gets so excited to be around any of us.  She helps all feel happy and good!
Baby C is my little baby that isn't so little.  He loves to laugh and it is infectious.  I love to hear it.

I haven't written much lately and I truly have a lot that I would like to share.  It isn't in the cards at this time in my life.  I have been blessed with 24 hours a day, but I cannot fulfill every desire of my heart and so I pick and choose and strive every day to do what matters most.  In general, I think I am succeeding at that, but it means things I cherish (such as blogging) sometimes get kicked off the iceberg.  I am relatively healthy.  I am quite happy.  I love Jesus Christ and I am striving to be like Him.  I love my family more than I thought was possible to love.  I am happy.  :)

P.S.  CK and I are having expensive dates.....we went to dinner last night and ended up purchasing a new dining set.  Hmmmm....maybe we shouldn't go out any more.  :)  :)

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