Sunday, October 11, 2015

General Conference - October 2015

Last weekend was General Conference.  What a spiritual recharge!!!  It, like always, was amazing.  I found answers to my questions and feel rejuvenated for the months to come.  I look forward to studying the words of the prophets throughout these months.

C had a band competition and was gone the entire day on Saturday.  We sure missed having him here.

It was fun to see how excited V was for General Conference.  She had no clue what it was, yet she was so excited and happy and could not wait for each session to begin.

During this conference, we had three new apostles sustained.  Over the last six months, President Packer, Elder Perry, and Elder Scott all passed away, leaving three vacancies to be filled.  I felt the Spirit testify that these new apostles were indeed called of God.  I am grateful for the Lord's plan in taking care of us.

Because I have had such issues publishing pictures to my blog, I am not going to add pictures this time, but I still want to document the things that we each noted.

So, in no particular order (other than this is the way they are placed around my room):

Elder Cook:
CK:  Righteous attitudes and conduct lead to happiness
Me:  Self-control is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets
K:  Self- Control is necessary for progression and I'm expected to plan and prepare.
J:  Keep the sabbith (Sabbath) day holy.

Elder Bednar:
CK:  Physical limitations can help us prioritize our lives.
Me:  When you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what matters most.
K:  Limited stamina clarifies priorities and We have these leaders in order to receive a sincere witness of Him.
J:  Pary (Perry), Scot (Scott), Pacer (Packer) and more had powerful infuints (influence).

President Eyring:
CK:  As we respond to the promptings of the Spirit, they will come more frequently.
Me:  Make a constant quest for the Spirit to be with us.
K:  Treat moments of inspiration like the seed of faith. and Confirmations of truth come through the Holy Ghost.
C:  Act on promptings.  Just do it.
J:  Holy Gost (Ghost) is awesome.

Elder Oaks:
CK:  The Savior knows and understands our pain and affliction because He experienced it.
Me:  Savior provides us with strength we need to overcome mortal challenges.
J:  Jesus helps you thro (through) trils (trials).

Elder Holland:
CK:  Nothing comes closer to the love of the Savior than the love of a mother.
Me:  Behold thy mother.
K:  There is no way we can understand the love of the Lord.
J:  Mothers are awesome, epeshily (especially) R______ K_______ (He put my name down!).

Elder Renlund (new apostle #3):
CK:  Our callings are about those we serve.  We must see them through God's eyes.
Me:  This calling is about the Lord, His work, and His children.
K:  Callings are about fulfilling the Lord's purpose.  and  Plead with God to have more love.
C:  We must see through Heavenly Father's eyes to have the true love of Christ.
J:  God is real.

Elder Hales:
CK:  Seek out and listen to wise counsel.  Prayerfully choose mentors.
Me:  Lord knows your desires and loves you and has a plan for you.
K:  Let yourself be led. and What can I strengthen in myself so I can strengthen others?
J:  Be careful who you date.

President Monson:
CK:  Speak with tolerance and kindness.  We will be different people because of our goodness.
Me:  We need to qualify to be lights to the world.  We will be different.
K:  Faith and doubt cannot exist together. and I will be different because I avoid degrading remarks.
C:  Be an example in actions and words.  Have charity.
J:  We are difrint (different) then people who are not in are (our) relishin (religion).  We need to set an example.

Elder Ballard:
CK: No one achieves exaltation without the Atonement and the teachings of the Gospel.
Me:  Lord's servants help us to avoid obstacles that are spiritually life threatening.
K:  Christ is waiting and willing to help.  and  God guides us in the way He has always done.

Elder Anderson:
He spoke in the priesthood session, so we did not do the stickies.

Elder Christofferson:
CK:  Members of the church should minister to each other on a day-to-day basis.
Me:  God's ultimate purpose in our progress.
K:  We are about a relationship too.  and We have a church in order to find conversion to Christ. and He has a church in order to work needful thing.
C:  God uses His church to bless you and people.

President Nelson:
CK:  The church needs women who will courageously defend the family.
Me:  Women have unique influence.  We need women.
K:  Speak up and Speak out in ward and stake councils.  and Know how to call upon God to protect others.  and  Women have been vital in every dispensation.
J:  Woman (Women) are loveing (loving).

Elder Rasband  (new apostle #1):
CK:  God loves us all in spite of our sins.  We need to reach out in love to all people.
Me:  He will serve the Lord with all of his heart, might, mind, and strength.
K:  Serve with everything you have.  and  Remember to be amazed by His love.
C:  Heavenly Father loves you no matter what.
J:  Folw (Follow) the profit (prophet).  Stay firm in the gosbol (gospel).

President Uchtdorf:
CK:  Focus on the simple truths of the Gospel.  Start where you are.
Me:  God did not give up on Moses.  He will not give up on us.  Even when we want to give up on ourselves.
K:  Sometimes you do have to re-learn things.
J: God does not give up.

Elder Stevenson (new apostle #2):
CK:  The fulness of the Gospel to be proclaimed by the weak.  The Gospel is pure and simple.
Me:  Our anchor is faith in Jesus Christ.
K:  The Gospel can be proclaimed by the weak.  and We live in perilous but fulness of times.
C:  The Father loves us because we are His children.
J:  Jusus (Jesus) is are (our) ancer (anchor).

Wow!  It is amazing to type these and feel the Spirit return to bear testimony of the truth that we were taught.  I am so grateful that we are able to gather our children together in our own home to sit at the feet of the apostles.

For me, without looking at my notes, the two things that stuck out to me are:
1)  My MS is such a blessing.  It allows me to focus on what matters most and not overdo it, because I cannot do more.  I think I will get to the other  side and find out that God gave this to me as a blessing, not as a trial.
2)  I need to progress by working on one small thing at a time.  Having a big checklist to improve doesn't work.  Ask "What lack I yet?"  and go forward with faith to work on that answer.  We don't have to be perfect all at once.  It is a progression.  All this I knew and believed, yet it resonated with me this conference.

I love this gospel.  I know it is true.  I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I want to become like Him.  I am a blessed woman!

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