Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend with the kids! How fun!

 This last weekend was our one weekend a month with K, C, and J.  We had such a great time!  I love being with my children on a Saturday.   There is just something incredibly special about it. 

We had a great day.  First, we went to the baptism of one of our friends, E.  We love this family so much.  They have been our friends now for 8 years, almost as long as E has been alive.  It was an honor to be able to be present at her baptism.

Next, we packed and we packed and we packed.  We are moving into a bigger house in March and we definitely needed to get started.  We took 5-6 bags to Goodwill Saturday and have at least that many ready to take to the dump.  It feels so good to clean out what has accumulated in the last almost 9 years since we moved here!
 After the packing, we went to do something "fun."  All the kids agreed on going to Putt-Putt.  It was cold and windy, but we still had a great time. 
 C felt a little frustrated.  Many times his ball went right to the hole-looked like a hole-in-one, but, NO, it would bounce out.  :(  He handled it well, though, and we all had fun!


After a round of mini-golf, we went in and spent some time with the arcade games.  All the kids had a blast and it was definitely worth going.

Next, we went out to dinner.  There was a lot of discussion on where we should go-anywhere from In-N-Out to Red Lobster and more.  Finally, they each got to put a choice in a"hat" and we pulled one out.  It was IHOP, so off we went.  It was actually very delicious and everyone enjoyed their meals.  Success!

I am one happy, happy woman.  I have an amazing husband.  I didn't know that it was possible to have a marriage be this good.  I really think my marriage now is better than I could EVER have dreamed it could be.  I have four amazing children.  They are each so talented and unique and I am truly in awe of the blessing it is to the be their mother.  I am shocked that I am old enough to have a middle-schooler, but I do and I love her!  Next year, I will have two in middle school.  SHOCKER!   It was interesting to me recently that I attended two events with groups of women.   At both, I was the oldest.  WOW!  When did that happen?  I have spent most of my life being the youngest in the group and now-boom-I was the oldest.  I think that all of a sudden, graduating in 1994 makes me ancient!  How time flies.

Life is busy, as it always is.  In addition to the normal chaos of life, callings, and etc., we are moving next month.  It is just how life is.  I wouldn't change it.  This is the life I live and the life I love.  :)

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Jay said...

You're still a spring chicken to me! :)