Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Last Night

It has been a while since I made the time to blog---and I have had a lot to blog!!!  Hopefully I get caught up soon.  Life has been extra, extra crazy.  Life is already crazy, but it has really accelerated these last few weeks.

A quick run-down of JUST a FEW of the events:

  • Feb 26: Turned 35!!
  • Feb 28:  CK and I were in charge of the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet.  We did a lot, but others helped also, for which we are so grateful.
  • March 1:  Closed on our new home
  • March 2:  Left at 4:30 AM to drive to see A.
  • March 3:  A was baptized!!!!!  It was awesome and even if I don't get to it all-there WILL be pictures of this!  She also was performing in a play that night and we all got to go!
  • March 5:  Drove another 12 hours home.
  • March 6:  I had a doctor's appointment:  Yep....12 weeks pregnant.  It is so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time since we lost the last one at 14 weeks.
  • Now we aren't doing much. HA!  It is Spring Break, we are painting and prepping the new house for our move, and packing.  We move Saturday.  (Also TRYING to take care of myself and that baby!)
That brings me to my title:  ONE LAST NIGHT.

Tonight is the last night my kids will sleep in this home (they will be with their dad Thursday-Sunday).  It is so bittersweet.  It is time to move.  We need a bigger home.  Out old home is only 1600 s.f. and we have outgrown it.  When XDH and I purchased it back in 2003, we planned it as a starter home for 3-4 years.  Nearly 9 years later, we are finally moving.  When we moved in to this home, K was a few months away from being 4 and C was a few months away from being 2.  Now they are a few months away from being 13 and 11.  CRAZY!  Of course, J came home to this house.  It is also the only home he has ever known and really the only home that the older two really remember.  A has also only lived with all of us while here at this home.  It is sad to leave.  

Our little house has seen us through a lot:
2003:  Bought house
2004:  Life was good.  Busy, but great!
2005:  Started our own business: a chiropractic clinic.  What a leap of faith!
2006:  J was born
2007:  We went crazy.  The clinic was super busy for both XDH and I.  We also had a newborn/toddler.
2008:  XDH told me, among other things, that he thought that he might want a divorce.
2009:  That separation and divorce happened.  Such horrible heartache!
2010:  Met CK.
2011:  Married CK, lost a baby.
2012:  Moving out and to a new home.

This little home has been there through it all.  I have been so blessed with a great home, a great neighborhood, great schools, a great ward (church congregation), and great friends.  I have been truly blessed beyond measure.  As we look forward to making our new house our home, we are so excited about the many opportunities in front of our family.  Change is hard, no matter the change, but change can also be very good.  I am so blessed.

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Li said...

Lots of good memories that you will never forget but time to move on to a different phase of your life. You are awesome!