Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally-A Post! Another Weekend with A.

It has been a while since I blogged.  Life has been crazier than crazy and my pregnancy is leaving me with little-no energy.  I think there is definitely a difference being pregnant at 22 and being pregnant at 35-even if it is merely being a mom of older children.  We are still unpacking and moving in, prepping the old house for going on the market, driving kids back and forth to their old schools, taking care of some unforeseen problems with the new house, etc...

So, I am beginning with NOW and hopefully I will be able to catch up soon with all that has gone on.  This blog is a great family history and that is the main reason that I desire to keep it up to date.

This last weekend we got to spend with A.  I feel so blessed and lucky that we get to travel each month to see her.  She is a member of our family and we don't get to be around her that often, so getting to see her every 3-4 weeks is a huge blessing for us.  We hope that she always feels loved.

On Saturday, we met some of her friends that she doesn't get to see often.  It was pouring rain, so we went to an indoor playplace and they had a blast.  CK and I are friends with the girls' parents, so fun was had by all!

 I actually didn't take many pictures this weekend.  Not like me at all!  This is A, ready for church yesterday.  The number that she is holding is a tradition that I have done since K was born of taking a picture of them each month, so we can see how they grow.  A is 98 months old and this is the picture that we will use to remember her!
I am such a blessed woman.  Life seems overwhelming and challenging with all we have going on, but it really is a wonderful time to be alive.  I have been blessed beyond measure.  So grateful!

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nikko said...

So glad you got to go see A! Yay for weekends together!