Friday, November 30, 2012

A Frustrating Date

So....I have many more pictures to post and blog about, including V's blessing day, but I am trying to post something every day and this is my moment.

V was happy as can be this morning.  Then.. I went to lunch with a friend and fed her a formula bottle.  This is only the second bottle she has ever had and it appears that it did not sit well with her.  She has been cranky ever since.

I have been looking forward to having a date with CK tonight for weeks and all week long I have looked forward to it.  We have had kids and company and more time with the kids, so we haven't had our weekly date in a couple of weeks.  I was excited to go out.

Nope.  Not tonight.  V was cranky as we drove downtown to look at furniture ( a long story-probably not worth the sharing though).  Since she hadn't slept well this afternoon, we hoped for some sleep from her.  Nope.  We drove back towards home.  Crying and screaming and more crying.  :(  Poor girl.  Poor us!  We went to the restaurant where we'd decided to eat---more crying and screaming, so we ended up not even getting out of the car.  We drove some more, stopped at restaurant #2...more crying.  Finally, we got Chic-Fil-A in the drive through and came home to eat.  I fed V first and so by the time we ate, it was cold and soggy.

Not the ideal date by far.  -sigh-  But, such is life and I am so blessed to have a warm home, a comfy bed, and a husband to snuggle....if V ever goes to sleep.  :)

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