Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Many Faces of J / Kindergarten Friendship Feast

I was holding V and J wanted to take pictures of her.  He started to, but accidentally hit the button where it changed to the front camera and he started to take pictures of himself.  They are too cute.  My Mama heart loves them.

 Speaking of J, the Friday before Thanksgiving, his Kindergarten had a Friendship Feast.  My older kids went to other elementary schools and had not done this.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  When V and I got there, I had to roll the stroller down some brown paper.  As we got ready to eat, I realized this was the "table."  The Kindergartens on one side of the all had made and were wearing pilgrim hats.  The Kindergartens on the other side-Indian hats.

Then they all ate snack dinner for their "feast."  It was very fun and very exciting to get to meet the kids that J talks about.  Even though I eat lunch with him weekly, I don't get to actually sit with the kids (they have parents' tables).

Definitely a great way to begin Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for a great teacher for J and for good schools for J, A, C, and K.  How blessed we are!

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