Friday, March 8, 2013

Transportation Parade

 How very fun it is to have a Kindergartener again!  We get to do fun things like create something out of a box.  This has been an ultra crazy time for our family, so I do wish that this assignment had come at a different time, is still fun to work on a project together!  :)

Above is the only in-process picture I took.

Below is when J walked out with his submarine.  He was a little shy at the beginning of the parade, but seemed to loosen up at the parade went on. they come again.  Now it looks more like a parade!
 I loved seeing the different boxes that they had.  Each child's was so unique. 
 He is waving energetically to me...and his hand covered his face in the one I caught. little submarine driver!  :)  The funny thing is that K made a submarine when she was in Kindergarten, 8 years ago.  I don't know if J has seen the pictures and wanted to be like her or if he just likes submarines on his own.  Either way, I have had two cute Kindergarten submarine drivers!  :) 

C's Kindergarten did not do transportation day - I wonder what he would have been. 

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