Thursday, July 4, 2013

It was the best of was the worst of Fourths.

First, I have to say, "Happy Birthday, United States of America!". I love my country. I am thankful for each man and woman that is currently fighting to provide me and mine the freedoms we enjoy. I am grateful for the thousands upon thousands throughout the centuries that have given their lives to allow me these freedoms. God bless America!!

Now, it is the best of fourths and the worst of fourths....for the same reason! Our four older kids are with their other parents and it is just V, CK, and I.

I need a break. It has been a busy summer and I am tired and worn out. Five kids during one summer-never had that before and I am exhausted. This laid back Fourth is probably just what I need.

At the same time, the 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday. I love barbecue-ing with friends and family. I love ward breakfasts and parades - big and small. I love crowds and live music while the huge firework display goes off, and believe Texas they know how to do fireworks!!!

So, it is with much needed relief coupled with a little sadness that we enjoy our Fourth differently this year. I am still so grateful I have the freedom to choose- to relax or party. Either way, my heart is full of gratitude for this great country in which I live! :)

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Andrea said...

It's sad to have to do things differently. But glad that it can still be good.
She is such a sweety!!