Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I am doing at this moment...I think it is a "sweet spot" moment

I am resting on the couch trying to fight the near-constant nausea that I am blessed with these days.

I am watching V play happily by herself with her toys and walking around.

I am listening to K, A, and J play a game of cards happily together in the piano room.

C is gone on his first home teaching assignment with CK as his partner.

Life is good. 

We just got home from a 15 day trip that was absolutely exhausting and, honestly, probably shouldn't have happened.  But, we got to see so many, many family members and reconnect with those we love.  What a blessing.  And, we did it in an air-conditioned, yet very crammed, mini-van.  How blessed.

I am also pondering on all that has happened and not been written about....I am just not up to blogging these days.  -sigh-  Just when I get in the habit again...... -sigh-

I took down a form today to register K for high school freshman orientation today and I spent time looking at all THREE different schools and their different registrations and making sure I can put it all together.  Crazy.  My life is perfectly crazy.  Five kids:  14, 12, 9, 6, and 10 months.  Perfect.  And crazy.

Yesterday marked two years since CK and I were married in the Idaho Falls, ID temple.  What a great man I married.  I could never have imagined how great my life could be.  I am so blessed beyond measure.  The heavens have truly opened and poured me out blessings greater than I deserve.  

Also, yesterday, we did a photo shoot at the hospital for an article in a magazine about V...since she was the first baby born in that hospital.  It was fun and the kids enjoyed it.

What a great life I have!  I am so very very blessed.  I have a life that I love and cherish.  I am feeling the weight of sadness as A goes back to her other home on Saturday.  She will be so missed, so very, very missed and my Mommy heart aches that we will not have the opportunity to have all five kids together again until Christmas.  How sad!  Divorces really impact the children.  We are super blessed with how well our family has blended, but it is still difficult.  Luckily, CK and V and I will travel to see her each month, but that still doesn't bring all the kids together.  :(

What a great moment in time.  I had to capture it, for it will never be July 31, 2013 ever again.  I have to cherish it now, just as it is.  :)

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