Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reasons I was The Coolest Mom Ever this Weekend! I will never be the coolest mom ever, but this weekend I got pretty close. DH is away at a seminar for the weekend so we get to have fun! :)

We started the weekend off with sleepovers for K and C. C lost his opportunity to have a sleepover Friday morning (as a mom, this was sooooo heartbreaking!). He did get to earn back having his friend, E, come over to play and eat dinner, just no sleepover. Here are C and E making their homemade pizzas:

K and her friends also got to make pizzas. The three of them are really good girls and 9 1/2 is such a fun age!

C and E spent the entire evening playing Star Wars "live" or playing Star Wars video games. LD had a great time watching them and learning how to be a Jedi!

The girls had so much fun together. I trust them so much that I went to bed and let them do whatever until they fell asleep (which I heard was 2 ish in the morning!). It was nice to let them get the sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets and take care of it themselves. The only thing they didn't take care of is turning off the lights. Here they are cupstacking with LD:

The next morning, K asked if we could take her friends out to see the new house. It actually wasn't on my agenda, but I do want her to feel as comfortable as possible with this new move. So, we went out spur-of-the-moment to see the house. They had a great time and I think it helped them all realize that we aren't moving forever away.

One of K's friends had to leave since her aunt was headed to the hospital to have a baby. Her other friend, S, is like my other daughter. I keep her before and after school and have been for three years. Her parents were busy running errands she would find boring, so she stayed with us most of the day.

I took a vote and everyone wanted to head up (30-45 minutes) to my niece (E)'s soccer game. It was the perfect weather and those 4-year-old soccer players are so dang cute! It was fun for me, too, since we stayed and let all the kiddos play at the park while my sister and I got to chat. It was great! :)

Then, since I am so cool like that, I stopped by McDonald's on the way home to buy the kiddos lunch. They really thought that Saturday was the best! :)

We also got to spend a fun time at the Ward Chili Cook Off/Pinewood Derby. It was really fun. We didn't have enough time to make our car, but we enjoyed the company so much. I felt we really had to go since we won't be in this ward much longer. LD fell asleep on the way over and I basically just sat and held him sleeping on my lap and visited with a couple friends. It was very relaxing.
Now, as for me, this is how I spent Friday night (especially since the girls wanted the TV and the Living Room):
Can you tell I love reading?
And this is how I spent Saturday night: playing Rockband, Taboo, Apples to Apples, and Imaginiff with some friends. It was so much fun and I, at least, haven't laughed so hard in a long time!


txmommy said...

what fun pictures! E had a great time :) and I think you are cool.

nikko said...

You are so cool. :o)

KP said...

You are one of the coolest moms I know!

Natalie said...

I guess I didn't realize that you were moving. Fun for you, but sad for the ward. You are an awesome Mommy and your kids are so cute.

Li said...

How many kids get to have that much fun in one weekend? Not many! I think you win the cool mom award!