Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break 2009-Day 1

Life doesn't always go as planned (understatement, I guess!). K woke up so sick this morning. Among other things, she had a fever and could hardly move. The kids' plan for today was to go to lunch and the movies. They had decided on seeing "Tale of Despereaux" at the dollar theatre. Since K felt so sick, we all decided not to go. C was a little bored. I got a lot of work done. K slept. LD loved his siblings being home. I guess the "break" part of Spring Break was still there, right?

But, tonight, K felt better. Thank goodness since it was the last night of her gymnastics class that she loves and she'd already missed one class due to the flu. After gymnastics, we rented a movie at Blockbuster (I use my Discover Rewards so it was $0) and went to Sonic for ice cream (exactly $7.00). They stayed up late watching the movie and eating ice cream. Not such a flop of a day after all!
Spring Break Budget Update: $75 - $0 - $7.00 = $68.00


nikko said...

Poor K!

We did the movie and ice cream thing yesterday, too!

Natalie said...

Sorry K was sick, but glad she' better. Hope you are doing fine.

Suzanne said...

That stinks to get sick on Spring Break, but luckily you were still able to salvage the day. Good thinking! :)

victoria said...

I love your spring break tradition - so fun! You are so great to do that, and keep your energy up for your kids. Thinking about you!