Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break-Day 2

This feels like such a haphazard Spring Break. I guess I am just not functioning at 100%. Life is just crazy.

This morning, the kids decided they wanted donuts for Spring Break breakfast. Since we wanted to be out of the house and on our way, we hurried to get all our "Done Before Fun" services done. We sure were starving by the time we ate breakfast!
We grabbed some donuts and I had some work to do at the clinic. They ate their donuts on the floor while I worked.

Next, we were off to Putt Putt (the kids get to choose what they will do, just within the budget). The day was gorgeous. A little hot with a little breeze: perfect! Our first 5-6 holes were so much fun. LD loved it and it was cute to watch him try to putt. After that, he just became a terror, wanting to wander all over the course while K and C were playing. It was difficult to keep up with him and made me seriously consider NEVER playing Putt Putt with a 2-year-old again!

We went in and played arcade games after the golf. That was fun. They had a Spring Break special of 80 tokens for $10, which we divided up 35 each to K and C and 10 for LD and I. It was fun and they all seem to enjoy "earning" their rinky-dink prizes from their tickets.
By this time, we were all exhausted and a little cranky. It was fun, however, and a successful 2nd day of Spring Break!
Spring Break Budget Update: $68.00- $6.89 (Donuts and Juice) - $0 (coupons for Putt Putt) - $10.00 (tokens for arcade games) = $51.11


KP said...

I love the picture of LD and his doughnut! I hope the rest of your spring break goes well! We are off adventuring to Legoland for our springbreak.

Anne said...

I'm so gald you guys are having fun!
Amazing how the kids love playing the games for silly little prizes!!
Hope the rest of your week is great :)

AngeeBee said...

It was great fun to see your pictures of Putt-Putt! We remember our time there with you and we look forward to doing it again! We just bought our home in Texas - only 3 more months!

My little E sends her love to K!