Monday, August 24, 2009

Will it ever get any easier?

So....will it? I just was reading my blog posts from two years ago. They have a whole different tone than over the last year. I used to be happy. I used to not know what heartache meant. I used to feel secure in my life, marriage, family, and business. Some days I just don't know how I can go on.

Enough of that. Today was the first day of school. I will post pictures tomorrow in another (happier) post. But K started 5th grade and C 3rd. CRAZY! They loved it. I really think they have the best teachers for them this year and I am happy so far. I have requested specific teachers in the past, but we have such an amazing principal that for the last couple of years, I have just written her a letter regarding my children's strengths and weaknesses and personalities and what personality-style of a teacher would best suit them and let her choose. She does an amazing job and she really cares which student goes where. It shows. Our school is one of the best around. I think she did a great job for both C and K this year and I am happy.


Colleen said...

It will. I can guarantee that. I love you and I pray that you get through this quickly and that your burdens are made lighter. Thinking of you!

Jay said...

Keep going. We'll help. We'll encourage, love, cry, and pray, listen, and be here for you. We love you,
All your friends!!

Robin said...

We are here for you, you will in time get use to it. Hang in there. You have amazing kiddos.

Yvonne said...

It has to get easier, right?