Monday, November 22, 2010

K and E

E has been K's best friend since Kindergarten. E has moved a few times (including living in Mexico for a year and a half!). K has had (and still has) many great and wonderful best friends, but there is still something extra, extra special about E. With our schedule with K going to her dad's and E living half an hour away, we don't get to get them together that often. When we do, though, it is like they'd never been apart. That is the extra special friendship that they share.
I am so grateful to A (E's mom) for putting forth the effort to get them together. We had planned to meet up at the museum with all the kids, but my back was really sore and I knew that wasn't a good idea for me. So A took K with her kids and took them ice skating. They had a blast and I know the memories will last forever.


Lisa amaniu said...

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Jess said...

Are those silly bands? They're taking over our home. I keep finding them all over the place.