Saturday, November 20, 2010

Piano Recital

Today was K's and C's first ever piano recital. They have been taking lessons since August. They are both naturals at the piano and it is fun to see them progress. They performed amazingly well. It was definitely a proud mama moment. I love their piano teacher. One thing that is really neat is that we got to perform the recital at a nursing home. I loved how my children are learning to share their talents. What a great lesson.
K played Horse and Sleigh and Greensleeves. She performed them beautifully!
C played Russian Sailor Dance, Clock Shop, and Legend of the Buffalo. He was amazing as well.
I have an amazing sister and brother-in-law. I didn't even think about inviting them to the recital (DUH!). I casually mentioned it last night and down they came....4 kids in tow. All the kids were super quiet and sat through the whole recital without a peep. I cannot express just how grateful I am for their support of me and of my kids. I am so grateful that they live so close and that they are so unselfish and always willing to share their time and energy.
We went out to brunch after the recital (which they snuck off and paid for!!!! yikes and thank-you!). It was yummy, but crazy -in a fun way- with 3 adults and 7 kids. Then we came back to my house for Rock Band and hanging out. It was so fun. The kids found some masks that we had used in preschool. They proceeded to play RockBand with them on. It was cute and fun and a perfect way to start our Thanksgiving break!


Lana said...

how fun to have the recital at a nursing home. That is a wonderful idea.

Your kids are getting so grown up. How fast time flies!

Anne said...

How fun! I'm so sad Josh had to miss this :( Hopefully she will do another one for Christmas :)
She is a wonderful teacher!

Amanda said...

I had fun reading up on all you have been up to. You truely have been blessed. Love all the positive happy updates!