Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CK's Desk

CK will be working from home. I have a tiny house so his "office" will be in our room until we can upgrade to a new home. This week, however, I have been working on my quilts for my kids. I have now taken over the spot that will be his "office." So, for now....this is CK's desk......taken over by me.

Everything has been done for a while, except the quilting. We have had some hiccups there. 1) I have never really sewn let alone quilt. 2) my machine is the cheapest of the cheap and the feed dogs don't drop. 3) The machine I was borrowing always had the bobbin thread (tan) coming up onto the front (in this case, green).

So, finally, I was again with my good friend, G, trying to make this work. I decided to try clear thread in the bobbin to minimize the effect when it came up. (G is an amazing quilter and both of us together couldn't get the bobbin issue solved...we tried tension, she tried a bunch of other just didn't help.) It seemed to I tried it on my quilt. My first time doing free motion.
It isn't great, but I am still pleased. Most of all, I just want to get these quilts done so my kids can use them! My goal was by Christmas 2009. Hmmmm.....still working on them. I NEED to finish them. New goal: before I get married this spring/summer.

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