Monday, March 7, 2011

Yogurtland Jar

For a little while, we have been saving our spare change...we call it the Yogurtland Jar...for that is what we intend to do with the money we save up. Now that I do a cash budget, I have more spare change. The kids also frequently add to the jar. It is nice to know exactly where to put money that I find just laying/lying around (I never remember which is correct!). We have used our Yogurtland fund for other things: donations, parking meters, fast offerings, etc., but, even so, it was finally full and we finally had time to go!
We took it to a Coinstar to be counted:

WOW! Almost $30...and that doesn't include the two dollar bills that were found in the jar as well.

So, we went to Yogurtland and everyone could get as much as they wanted. Total: $12.50. Guess we will get to go again!

It was sooooooooooo fun and it has taught the kids a lot about saving for what you want. We had a great time going Friday night!


Kailee said...

Cute!! That's such a good idea and i love that picture of them. I miss you guys. :( P.S. I'm pretty sure the right term is "laying." You can lay something down but you can't lie something down. We lie on beds and coins lay around the house. :) I learned that in one of my classes last semester!!

I have a good life said...

Kailee! I miss you sooooooooo much, too! Summer is coming we will be visiting soon! :)

Thanks for the grammar lesson. ;) There is a reason I was a math teacher, not an English teacher. :)

victoria said...

What a fun idea! And a sweet reward, too.

Li said...

You have the best ideas. Maybe we will do that and save up for when you come so we can go together!

KP said...

I have to say that looks so yummy!