Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday in Review

My Birthday was Saturday, but really began with a birthday brunch Friday morning. This is our 2nd annual invasion of IHOP. This year.. 12 adults and 13 kiddos. They made us a huge table. It was fun. I just wish I could have sat by every single person that was there!

CK and A flew in Friday night. The unfortunate thing is that I got sick about 20 minutes before picking them up. I just had an extremely upset stomach....which means I didn't eat for much of my birthday. :(
C had a basketball tournament Saturday. We spent 5+ hours there. K and A found ways to be entertained during halftime.

C played the best he has played all season. There really is nothing for him or his team to be disappointed in. They won game 1...on to round 2. They won Game 2...on to a Semi-Final game. They lost. They played hard, though, and I was really impressed with his coaches, teammates, and the other parents. I am happy to have my time back, but I will miss it, too.

The team after it was all over. It took a lot for some of these kids to put on a smile. Losing is a tough thing.

Team Hug:

We got to go home for a few minutes, relax a little and open presents. The kids were sooooooooooooooooooooo excited about the gifts. Thank-you, XDH, for helping them pick out things for me. They loved it.

CK gave me a new set of leather-bound scriptures. My others are falling apart...well-used.

After dropping the kids off with my sister, CK and I got to go to the temple. :) What a great place to go together on my birthday!
After the temple, I finally ate for the first time all day. I still felt kinda yucky, but I was hungry. CK doesn't like Chinese, but it was my birthday, so we stopped by Pei Wei. I love their lettuce wraps. YUMMY! I didn't enjoy them that much as I still felt sick....but I loved the leftovers on Monday!
Finally, my sister is amazing! She and her work are what really ended my day on a super special note. When we came back, all the kids lined up on the stairs with posters they'd made for me and sung. That was awesome!
Then, she pulled out dessert, complete with candles and all. They sang. I wished. I blew. It was great. :)
But, did she stop there? Oh no, she did not. She had made a video with all the kids (as well as her) talking about why they loved me, funny stories about me, what they'd rate me on a scale of 1-10, etc. It is absolutely priceless and something I will treasure until the day I die and probably beyond! Even A contributed. I love her just as much as I do the children that were born to me. And, my sister...after watching the kids, feeding them dinner, posters, balloon, dessert, and video, she still gave me gifts! Crazy girl....she spoiled me. I am so lucky to have her as my sister! She is my best friend (second only to CK.....but that is different).
This is a very funny picture of me...but it is the only one I had at my sister's house. I think CK has more on his phone....I will have to beg him for them.
So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. 34 years young. The next 34 are going to be awesome! :)


nikko said...

Sorry I didn't get to celebrate with you. I was thinking of you all day long, though! Glad you had such a great weekend. :o)

Jenny said...

How am I older than you? Did you skip a grade?

Natalie said...

I'm glad you had such an awesome B'day.

I wish you many,many more wonderful b'days ahead.


Anonymous said...

You look so happy!! I am so thrilled for you :)
Miss you,
Love you,
Happy Birthday!!!