Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Portland, OR

It was fun to be back "home" in Portland.  I wished two things:  A)We had more time to visit places that were important to me or just that were really cool, and B) that it wasn't raining the entire time as so much that I loved about living in Portland was all the outdoor opportunities.  It truly is a little peace of heaven on earth.  You just pay for it in the few months of non-stop rain to get there.

After the wedding luncheon, we were close to the school that I taught at so many years before, so we had to drive by.  It, of course, was raining, but we took a quick couple of pictures.  I taught here only one year: '98-'99 until K was born.  It brought back a ton of memories being there.
This is the home where we stayed.  AWESOME!  My mom was smart and rented a house for us to all stay in while we were there for the wedding.  It was nice to have a home to come home to, nice to all be in the same place, nice to have a kitchen, etc..  It was a beautiful home that was decorated very well.  It is situated right on the Tualatin River.

A view of the family from the deck above.

I love him!
Just look how close the house is to the water!  While we were there, the water rose significantly with all the rain.  Good thing the dock is a floating dock!
After much debate about what I most wanted to show CK considering we only had 2-3 hours to site see, I chose to go to Multnomah Falls.  It is beautiful (even in the pouring rain).

This is me with my brother, S.  I am glad that he got to come along with us.  Two of A's friends (that also stayed at the house with us) also came along.
This is the apartment I lived in for 3 out of my 4 years in Portland.  It is a little more run-down and a little dreary-looking with all the rain, but it was a good home and here is where I brought both K and C home to after they were born.
This picture is of my very best Portland friend, D.  She was always there for me and we loved being together.  We talked on the phone for hours daily and we both went through withdrawal when I moved to Texas.  It was so wonderful to see her and her hubby again.  I am grateful for their support of all that I have been through.  CK was awesome and came with me to visit them even though he had never met them before.

When we moved, the two older girls (twins) were the only children they had.  It was fun to meet these other three.

Finally, the trip home.  We first had to fly to Seattle and connect there.  I am not used to flying in these little propeller planes.  We didn't even have a jetway and we just walked out to the plane and up some stairs to get inside.  It was a new experience for me.
J always asks me to take pictures of the clouds when I fly.  So I did.  It actually was quite the view.  We made it home safely New Year's Eve in time to celebrate the new year together and then to get up for 8:30 church the next morning (where I got to teach Sharing Time!).  What a quick trip, but what a blessing that we got to go and that we got to go together.  :)

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