Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Update

I really want to blog more.  I miss the connections of real life friends and blog friends that I made when I was a good blogger.  I also miss the history that I documented, both of my life and feelings, and the events in which our family participated.

With that said, we will see how this goes...but I am really trying!  :)

This last week has been busy, but not nearly as busy as the week that is coming up!  V has been off and on very cranky.  She slept through the first two hours of church yesterday, but then got uncomfortable for pretty much the rest of the day and night.  I don't know if she spent more than 15 minutes the entire night in her bassinet  otherwise she was being held by CK or I.  I am so grateful that he volunteers to take her.  It is a blessing to me.

Today is XDH's birthday.  I hope he has a good day.  I am so grateful that through Jesus Christ combined with the passage of time, I do not feel the pain that I have in the past.  Life is not how I planned, but I think almost everyone is living a life different than they envisioned, for one reason or another.  I wish that I could take away the sorrows that others are experiencing, yet, at the same time, I know how much I have grown and I know they will too.  If you are one that is hurting, just know that the Savior lives and He really does understand and He really is seeking to bring you comfort.  I am certain that you will look back and see His hand in your life, before, during, and following the trial that brings you heartache right now.

Well, I think V's window of happy time is about up.  See you next week!

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