Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stuck Under the Ottoman

 So, yes that happened today.  V crawled under the ottoman after a block and got all the way under and stuck, except for just her little toesies on one foot.  I would have loved a picture, but I couldn't leave her stuck.

This wasn't true yesterday, however.  All of a sudden, I hear her complaining from across the room.  When I went to see what was the matter, I found that she was stuck in her toy basket.  She had walked in, sat down, and couldn't get out.  My camera was right there, so I did take her picture before rescuing her.  

 This is another fun face of V:
 All the kids are exceptional with her.  C is one of them.  He loves to carry her on his shoulders and they both have so much fun.  I am so blessed with such amazing children.  So very blessed indeed.

Finally, two days ago, V turned 11 months old.  It is hard to capture a very mobile 11-month-old with her "number day."  Here are some of the many faces of V:

 V is such a joy to have in our home.  She is very happy and well-mannered.  She is into everything, but that is expected for her age.  She will take 3-5 steps at a time, between objects or people, but when she isn't walking solo, she has a "walker" toy that she pushes all around and walks behind and loves it!  She has figured out how to walk around it and push from the front if she runs into something.  She has also discovered how to turn the corners to go around the island in the kitchen.

She loves to do "Soooo big" and "Peek a Boo."  She will say "Amen" at the end of a prayer and "peeeessseee" if she wants more food.  She also says "Jesus" and loves to look at His picture.   She also knows how to shake her head "no" and nod her head "yes," although I don't think she is quite to using them to respond to us.  She will, however, if we tell her "no," shake her head as if to acknowledge what we said.

In other news, we got to see our new baby via ultrasound today.  I am so relieved.  I am always nervous about losing a baby after the one that we lost almost two years ago.  He/She was waving at us on ultrasound, is measuring big, and has a steady and perfect heartbeat.  I am so grateful.  He/She also has two arms, two legs, a little bum, and a large head.  We could see the profile and watched him/her move.  I am so grateful.  Life is such a miracle.  It really is.  I am blessed to be part of it by getting to carry these babies of mine.  (Oh, and much to the consternation of K, C, and A, there is only one baby and not twins.  Thank goodness!!)

I am soooo exhausted all the time.  I have little energy on a daily basis.  Maybe now that I am 14.5 weeks and in the second trimester, it will begin to come back.  Ha!!!  Even if I wasn't pregnant, we have K starting early morning seminary at 6:00, then C goes to football practice around 6:30, then we go get K from seminary, then J goes to school about 7:10, then, finally, K goes to school (leaving on the bus) about 8:10.  Yikes!!  What a crazy life we lead!!  I really don't know how I will function, but I will just put one foot in front of the other and one day in front of the next and we will make it.  CK is so supportive.  I know we can do this. 

So, I may not blog very often....tomorrow we begin early morning practice schedule.  It happens for real on Monday.  We have been practicing at night for the entire week, but it is now time to wake up early.  -sigh-  Hardest on Mommy this year, I am sure.

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