Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And....we have a walker!!!

It is official.  She is walking.  :)

V has been walking between 8-15 steps for a couple of weeks.  She has been just taking off and walking towards anywhere she wants for the last week.  But, then she always takes 3-15 steps and plops down, sometimes out of nervousness, sometimes she just loses her balance.

But, tonight, she rounded a corner.  She took off walking and didn't fall.  She just is walking everywhere and she is sooooooooooooooo proud of herself.  I love watching my children learn and grow.  This is so much fun.  :)  She still falls on occasion, of course, but she is just walking pretty much where ever she wants and I could watch her all day!  :)

Hopefully soon I can add a picture to this post.  -sigh- We will see about that one!  Life is quite crazy these days.  I am so grateful that we already had prayed and planned on this next baby.  I am glad that I am 15 weeks pregnant.  With all this craziness, I might've said, "I can't do it." and I would never have the joy of this coming infant in our home.  Isn't God great?  He works in the best ways for us!  I am so blessed!

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