Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, V!

 Good Morning, Birthday Girl!!!!

This was V when I went to get her this morning.  Of course, she has no idea what a birthday is or what the craziness is all about, but she loves music and so the singing of "Happy Birthday" made her so happy.  She just danced away.  :)

Here she was a year ago...she was so little!!!

 Look what tiny feet she has!!! two months....

 Here's a little poster I made about her.  She is such a fun girl.  I really love her so much!
 And then, this afternoon, we went to have a party at the Hospital.  Since V was the first baby born at this hospital, they invited her to celebrate the hospital's birthday.  It was fun. 
 Joining her at the party was the first set of twins born at the hospital as well.  What cute boys!  Their birthday is the beginning of they got to start their party early!
 There ended up being a huge crowd and V was very concerned and overwhelmed.  It took them a moment to have a speech, then to sing, then to give the three babies cake.  She stayed concerned and not crying for quite a while, but did eventually lose it.  Even Mama being close didn't console her.  Holding her, though, she was okay.

 Luckily, after the crowd dispersed, she was happy and interested and even spent some time "visiting" with the Hospital President.

 My sister and her kids then dropped by for a quick dinner, present opening, and cake.  I am so grateful that we have family close.  What a blessing!!!
 It was fun to sing to her and see her explore the cake.

She doesn't like having dirty hands and she eventually was ready to get down.

We didn't have many presents for her.  Thank goodness!!  I think the couple she got were also overwhelming....we'd give her one toy, take it away so that she could open another present.  It was a little stressful.  None of those pictures were great.

But, just like this afternoon, when the crowd (also known as her siblings) dispersed, she loved playing with her new kitchen and dishes and food. 

I am so glad that she loves it.  I wanted to give her something that would grow with her.  This does, I think.  Obviously, she cannot yet pretend, but she sure loves to put things in and take things out.  The kitchen does that and it will also be there for her when she is ready to pretend.  :)

So... a few of the things about her:
She is 27" tall, 18 pounds with 2 teeth.
She walks very well.
She can say most clearly:  "Please," "Princess," "Jesus," "Cat," "Amen"
She loves music and dancing, putting everything in her mouth, playing with her siblings.
She does not like cuddling AT ALL.  :(

There are more things on her board if that picture is visible.

I am so grateful that she is my baby girl.  I love her so very much.  She brings such joy to our family. 

Happy Birthday, V!!!

PS...In other news, we were not expecting to find out the gender of our new baby yesterday, but we did!!!  It is a little BOY!  V will have a brother.  :)

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Andrea said...

As soon as I read you were pregnant I thought it was a boy.

What a special party! She's adorable. Hope all is well with you