Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to J!

A week ago (last Sunday), J turned 7!  What a great kid he is.  I sure love him.  I have been so blessed to be his Mama.  I think he was sent to our family intentionally at the time he was to A) try and save our family and B) when our family ended up going through the divorce, he was sent to save me by giving me something to concentrate on beside my heartache.

J's birthday began on Friday.  Here he is singing with his teacher and his school class.  I got to bring in brownies and he was so excited about it.  He is a funny kid since he is so very crazy (even in front of a large crowd) and such a ham so much of the time, but sooooooo shy when he gets up in front of a group. It is one of the strangest things.

This meant that standing in front of his class was a little uncomfortable.

The next day was Saturday and the day before his birthday.  As part of his birthday celebration, J, CK, V, and I went to the zoo.  J loves, loves, loves animals (particularly penguins).  The only way we get him to read (although he is a great reader) is to get animal books and then he can read for hours.  Since he loves the animals, the zoo is the perfect place for him.  I wouldn't be surprised if he someday worked at a zoo, taking care of the animals and designing habitats.  I have dozens of pictures of animals that he took that day.  Here are some...usually ones I took with him (He is cuter to me than all those animals after all). 

 J got to choose where we went except Mom got to choose to go see the baby elephants.  I am glad we went.  They are so cute!

 Then, as we were leaving the elephants, an elderly one jumped in the water and started taking a bath?  It stayed under water for a very long time.  I don't know how long elephants can hold their breaths, but it was quite a while!
 Here is J feeding the birds.  He was nervous when they got close to him.  We actually ended up giving his food stick to a family coming in that hadn't purchased one.
 V just melts my heart.  She is so super cute and she was such a good sport about being pushed around in the stroller all morning in the hot, humid weather.  At least, it wasn't sunny!
 J loves V too!

 And, the penguins.  Our zoo has a very small penguin exhibit compared to many.  Perhaps it is because we live in such a warm climate.  But, nonetheless, J was sooooooooooooooo excited. 

 He took many more pictures of the penguins.  Maybe someday it will be him that makes the penguins a larger exhibit.

 If you look closely, behind J is a coyote, which is the mascot of our local middle school (where K went and where C currently attends).

And, as we were leaving the zoo, we took a Mommy-Son picture.  We had to document that I was there, right?

 This is what J wanted me to put on his cake.  I am glad he colored it for me.  That helps.  Down below, you will see how close I could come.
 84 months old!  Crazy!

 I do have other pictures of him opening presents, but this is the present from CK and I.  He hasn't really ever had a bike.  He is 7 and doesn't know how to ride.  A few years ago I bought him one at a yard sale, but it ended up not working well, so he really doesn't know how to ride.  I was super nervous about giving him this as our only was NOT something he asked for.  I didn't know if he would like it.

 But, he did.  He has been out almost every day practicing riding.  He loves it.  I am so glad.

Finally, a tradition that has come down from my side of the family from who knows how far back is allowing the birthday kid to cut and serve his cake to his family.  I don't think I have remembered every time to ask the kids if they want to serve, but most of the time they don't want to if I ask.  J wanted to serve and it was interesting indeed to watch him cut pieces right in the middle of his cake.  He did quite well on the sizes, though, although C felt he was gypped. 

And...even though he had a Sunday birthday, I think it was a great day for him.  He was worried that a Sunday birthday would be too busy, but it worked out.  He did get his crepes for breakfast and his steak, plantains, and black beans for his after church meal.  They sang to him in Primary.  He got to see his dad for a little bit in the evening.  A good day for sure.

Happy, Happy Birthday, J Dear!  I love you!


Kailee said...

Happy birthday J! I can't believe he is 7, he looks soooo big! Sounds like he had a great birthday :)

Andrea said...

I love baby elephants. And penguins. So fun!
And my 5 yr old doesn't know how to ride a bike yet. I feel better knowing it can still happen.