Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Analogy of a funnel: addendum # 2.

I have been thinking more and I've had a really profound thought. It is so important to me, that I had to write another post, instead of adding it as another addendum. This blog is going to be, in large part, my journal. Since it is difficult to see, voice recognition helps me a lot!

I call this the analogy of a funnel. You see, there are a huge number of things that I either want to do or I need to do every single day.  It's like they're sitting at the top of the funnel, but only a few of them actually make it through the funnel throughout the day.

Many of those that make it through the funnel to actually be accomplished are the urgent ones, such as driving a kid here or doing something there, something that needs to be done today.  The urgent frequently outweighs the most important.

So, today, when CK asked how I was doing, I think he about fell out of his chair. Because my reply was great!  I have the opportunity to be the mom to my littles that I have been desiring to be. They frequently get put in their car seats and driven here and there and everywhere. But, without being able to see, we are singing itsy bitsy spider, and building with blocks, and spending time together that I cherish. Itsy bitsy spider sometimes does not make it through the funnel.  Sometimes it does, but other times the whole day is spent with driving.  In an effort to take care of my olders, the littles sometimes do not get the best of me.  For now, it is time for the older kids to sacrifice for the good of the youngers.

I think in a different way than I ever expected, this optic neuritis is an answer to my prayers.  I get to be mom to my little ones. What a blessing!


Kathy said...

Ruth, I love and miss you! I am so sorry for this difficult trial in your life. I know if anyone can allow it to make a positive impact on your life it is you my friend. Hugs!

dieMutti said...

Beautiful thoughts - you continue to amaze me! XOXO

PS - When I first glanced at the name of this post I thought it said "analogy of a funeral" Heehee I prefer the funnel analogy...