Friday, September 12, 2014

Our latest saga as described by Fridays

This MS thing has been a rollercoaster. It snuck in unexpectedly, and has begun to rule our lives.  I take that back. Our lives are becoming normal now, but for the last few weeks it has ruled our lives. It's interesting to me how many things have happened on Fridays. Of course, not everything happened on a Friday, but you can understand this saga just by looking at Fridays.
Friday, August 15th:  lost vision almost completely in my right eye. This led to many doctors appointments, including going to the ER.
Friday, August 22nd:  had an MRI of my brain.  ( after seing a Neuro opthamologist earlier in the week)
Friday, August 29th: met with a neurologist and was given an official diagnosis of MS.
Friday, September 5th: had my third consecutive round of IV steroids.  ( after meeting with another neurologist earlier in the week, then having the first two days of steroids.  Yes, four days in a row at the doctor!).
Friday, September 12th:  this is today. It is the most normal day I have had in the last month. I still cannot drive, however, my eye is getting better. My hope is that it will continue to gradually improve.
What a crazy life I lead! I am so blessed in so very many ways. I am blessed to have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. I am blessed to recognize how many friends and family members care so very much about me and my family.  I am blessed to be able to remember that my Savior, Jesus Christ, knows everything that I am going through. He has felt it all. He has felt everything for everyone.

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