Thursday, December 4, 2014

C's Basketball Game: 38-22, us!

C had his second game of the season tonight.  I very much enjoy going to watch him play, particularly this year.  He is doing well and the enjoyment shows.  His smile lights up the whole room.  Tonight he played so well.  He scored four points and his number is 4 and it is December 4th.  That is cool to me.  :)  I love football so much more than basketball, so I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am loving the games.  I didn't remember from last year.  Watching basketball allows you to be much closer to the action and to really see the team, including and especially your son!
He has gotten good at passing.  His team worked so much more as a team this week than last week.  Even though they won last week, they just didn't look as cohesive.
This shot was taken just before one of C's awesome plays.  The other team was shooting free throws.  I was wondering why C would come stand back by his coach, but not chat with him and just stand there.  In fact, I asked CK and he explained that they were hoping the other team would forget about C and that they could throw him a long pass and he could easily lay it up.

Well, almost immediately after CK explained it to me, that exact thing happened.  It was a wobbly pass and the other team booked it down the court, so C had to really hurry.  But, he made the lay up!  :) 
Baby C and V came to the game with us.  I love these two.
And, finally, after the game was over, I waited for C to change while CK took the two littles to the car.  I caught this shot as they left.  It took me a minute to grab my camera so they aren't so close, but it still is a tender shot for me.

I love seeing CK carrying Baby C and holding V's hand after watching our son's game together.  He is an amazing dad.  He is an amazing best friend.  He is just plain amazing at everything he does and I am one very lucky and blessed woman to have him.  We have a great marriage.  We have a great family.  We are blessed beyond measure. 
I still have a lot to catch up on, but, I blogged about today ON today!  WooHoo!

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