Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My kids

So, I do indeed have a million zillion posts to post.  We had a great Thanksgiving break and that means LOTS of pictures.  That means I haven't caught up yet.  I don't even have J's baptism on here!  It has been a month!!!!

But, for today's post I just am posting some pictures of my favorite people taken yesterday or today.

Here is Baby C.  He was watching the dog out the window.
 Here are C and C together.
 And, tonight was AWESOME.  C was playing with V.  It was soo cool and fun to watch.  I did make a video that I hope will help me remember this forever.  Here they are doing push-ups.
 Here is V doing carpet angels.
And here they are running and running.

And, finally, here is baby C all cuddle up to me and snoozing away.  Oh!  How I LOVE these moments!  I love cuddles.
I am truly one blessed Mama.  Life is crazy.  Crazier than I ever could have imagined.  Six kids and all these different schools and ages.  But, so worth it.  I love them ALL to pieces.  :)  I am sooooooooooooo lucky!


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