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General Conference April 2015

Wowzee!!!  I knew I was very very behind, but a month without any posting???????  Even I didn't realize it was that bad.  We have had baseball, the last day of school water fight, awards ceremonies, family parties , scout camp, day camp, girls camp, end of school, etc and etc and etc.  None of which is documented!  ugh!

Right now is probably not a good time to blog either.  I have two screaming toddlers.  One that I moved to a toddler bed today.  -sigh-  It is a challenge.  The other doesn't really talk yet, so he just screams and screams.  We have had a lot of difficulties in our family lately too.  Most of the time I handle them well, but some days I don't.  I know that trials refine us, but it isn't fun to be in the middle of them!

For today, I am finally going to finish the post from General Conference back at the beginning of April.  We had such a marvelous time with General Conference.  It was wonderful to have all six of my children together and we were able to gather them at our feet to hear the words of the prophets.  As is custom, we took stickies (each one with a different color) and wrote down what we noticed or what struck us from each talk.  I never finished documenting what was written in October Conference and I didn't want that to happen again, so the lovely faces of the prophets still grace our walls.  I was lovingly told today that it was time to take them down.  True.  It is more than time.  But, I want to document it, so I will.....crying babies and all.  We will stop and start again, but hopefully it will all be done by the end of the day.  :)

I am doing this in no particular order this year (just the order in which K took the pictures for me).

This is Elder Anderson:
CK:  "Learn to recognize the hand of God in our lives."
Me:  "Can you see the hand of God in your own life?"
K:  "Don't be casual in your faith." and "His message is everywhere and for everyone."
C: "As you keep the commandments, he will open your spiritual eyes even further."
A:  "The church has grown considerably."  and "God is mindfull  (mindful) of every people."
J:  "It is awesome when you get resretchin (resurrection)."
V liked to post too, but she just scribbled, so I have no idea what she was saying.  She is just learning the routine.  Good enough for a 2 year old for sure!
This is Elder Perry.  He actually has passed away since conference.  He will be missed.  He is a great man and the Spirit definitely was with him as he spoke.
CK:  "We must protect marriage and our families as the center of life and the key to happiness."
Me:  "We were and still are members of God's family.  Family is center of life and key to Eternal happiness."
K:  "Be a revolutionary:  go against the common pattern."  and "Families are the basic unit of eternity."
C:  "The family is eternal and important."
A:  "Marriage lasts forever."  and "Families will continue until eternity."

This is Elder Christofferson:
Me:  "Remember to have faith in promises to come if ideal is not here and now."
K:  "Protection of the family is not about convenience of adults."  and "the unideal can still have successes."  and "contribute to the divine plan."
C:  "The family is forever."
A:  "Marriage is forever and family can only be sustained by 2 people."
J:  "do not leisin (listen) to temptashn (temptation)."
This is Elder Cook:
Me:  "We can thrive and bloom if we are in the light of the Savior."
K:  "Wickedness creates vulnerability."  and "Perfect love of God = no contention."
C:  "The love of God in the home destroys contention."
A:  "We can bloom by following Christ's teachings."
J:  "Follow the Savior."
This is Elder Holland:
CK:  "God in His wisdom has a plan.  The fall and the atonement are crucial to that plan."
Me:  "Divine plan - creation, fall, atonement of Jesus Christ."
K:  "I cannot and will not fully comprehend the fall and the atonement."  and "this is not an existential exercise."
C:  "Jesus Christ did come and His atonement made up for the fall."
A:  "A hand will always stretch out to help when in need."
J:  "Hold to crist (Christ)."
This is Elder Bednar:
Me:  "Godly fear = reverence, respect, and awe for Jesus Christ.  Godly fear = beginning of knowledge."
K:  "Faith in Him hushes mortal fears."  and "Godly fear dispels mortal fears."
C:  "We should fear the Lord and we will be blessed."
A:  "Build your foundation on Christ."  and  "We can be blessed to hush our fear."
Elder Scott was ill and did not speak at this conference.   
This is President Eyring:
Me:  "Jesus wants us to succor others.  How can we do this?  Live the Law of the Fast."
K:  "Put away vanity"  and "Inspiration/revelation come from closeness to Him."  and "living the gospel brings the promised blessings."
A:  "How he told us that fasting is a blessing."
This is President Uchtdorf:
CK:  "Weakness can become strong by humility through the mercy of God." and "Living the Gospel isn't a burden, it is a joyful rehearsal for the next life."
Me:  "Salvation cannot be bought with the currency of obedience, but bought through the blood of Christ."
K:  "God loves us perfectly and everlastingly." and "Prayer is for confessing, pleading, and thanking." and "See the atonement with new eyes."
C:  "Christ saves us after all we can do, not because."
A:  "Because of the atoning sacrifice death has no sting and the grave has not won."
J:  "Crist (Christ) is Awesome."
This is Elder Hales:
CK:  "We are responsible for safeguarding religious liberty."
Me:  "We are responsible to safeguard religious freedoms for our posterity."  and "Blessings of agency."
K:  "I have the right to share my witness."
C:  "We have a responsibility to defend our beliefs and respect others belifs (beliefs)."
A:  "To keep the commandments, we need to know the doctrines of the church."  and "Freedom to believe."
J:  "You have aginsy (agency)."
This is Elder Oaks:
Me:  "Don't let cares of this world choke out the things of God."
K:  "I have to be willing to accidentally offend." and "Our job is to be leaven, but not to be digested."
C:  "Don't let the cares of the world drown out the word of God."
A:  "Do not let the internet overcome you."  and "Do not be spiritually sidated (sedated)."  and "Our commitment is supposed to be a test."
This is President Monson:
CK:  "Temple attendance will help us overcome temptations and bear our trials."
Me:  "Temples help us overcome temptations and bear trials."
K:  "Beauty and order and rest are found in temples." and "Follow His steps carefully."
C:  "Temples bring peace."
A:  "At the temple, we can find peace." and "We can be comforted at the temple."
This is Elder Ballard.  He spoke at the Priesthood Session, so we do not have family stickies for him this conference. 
This is Elder Nelson:
CK:  "Sabbath was made for man.  Take advantage of it."
Me:  "How can I make the Sabbath a delight?"
K:  "How will I change because of this conference?"
C:  "The Sabbath is God's gift to us."
A:  "God created the Sabbath for man.  And for us to spend family time on the Sabbath."
J:  "Cep (Keep) the sabithe (Sabbath) holy."

This is President Packer:
Me:  "If we truly repent, we bear no scars by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ."
K:  "Family is the great adventure of our lives."
A: "Through the righous (righteous) power, we can gain happiness." and "Every debt must be payed." and "The atonment (atonement) is individual."

So, actually it did take me two days, but I finished!  Yippee!  I have loved reading through the notes that we took the day of the conference.  C had a band competition, J had a baseball game, and CK was called upon to help a family in need.  So, we did not have everyone here for every talk.  But I felt the spirit with each note written by each person.  My kids, as well as CK and I, were bearing our testimonies as we commented on what we learned.  It is so cool.  I hope I come back and reread this often.  I hope my children will also.  There is power here.  I feel it.  I am so blessed.  I love the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Life isn't easy, but I have so much in which to rejoice!  :) 


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