Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swim Lessons 2015

This week, J is doing swim lessons. Swimming has never been something he excels at. Last year he was in group swim lessons, with very little advancement. This year, we have a friend that volunteered to teach him. She is giving private lessons to a few people this year. Already in 2  half hour sessions, he is doing better than he ever has in the pool.  I am very proud of him.

As mentioned last night, we have a lot going on and having one more thing to drive to every day is a little bit of a challenge. In addition, I can't be out in the heat. I can feel it affecting my body, particularly my vision. Luckily, this summer is much milder than usual. Also, many of the symptoms I'm experiencing now are similar to the ones I experienced last summer. But last summer, I did not know why I felt the way I did. Understanding why is so much better this year.  Also, since I know what is going on, I can keep myself out of the heat and that helps significantly. Last year, I didn't understand that the heat was triggering my symptoms.

I'm very blessed to have helpful kids. K went with me and played in the splash pad with V while J was swimming.  and C stayed home with baby C.  I chose to get out of the air conditioned car and spend some time in the shade and with my cool towel. I definitely felt the effect still once it was over. Both of those things helped, but my body still felt it. Luckily, K has her permit and was driving. She is getting so good at driving.

I love the pictures of these two girls playing together in the pool. Looking at them helps me remember how very blessed I am.

On another note, I am blogging again. Fingers crossed I can keep it up. :-)

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Lisette Brown said...

Gracie did private lessons last year and improved so much, so fast. Now she loves swimming.