Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 years!

Today marks five years since I married this amazing man.  I am humbled by the way my life has turned out so wonderfully.  He treats me as if I was the most amazing woman on the planet.  He selflessly looks out for my every need.  He ALWAYS puts me first.  I feel so loved and taken care of.  I am blessed beyond measure.  God has really taken care of me and all of those tears of sorrow have truly turned into tears of joy.

Five years have been very busy.  We have had three pregnancies, one a miscarriage, and thus two wonderful children.  We bought a new home.  He changed jobs.  Our original four children have sure grown up.  He makes me laugh every day and he finds joy in my quirks and silliness.  We have a great life.

This weekend I planned a fun anniversary getaway to surprise him.  It turned out wonderfully.

First, my dear sister took J, V, and Little C overnight last night.  Then, I drove and he didn't know where we were going.  I turned north and we drove to Oklahoma.  :)  We stopped and ate dinner.  Then, we headed to our hotel, checked in, and hurriedly changed our clothes.  We then left and went to the temple to do some sealings.  What a great experience!  We had a few family names that we had the joy of performing.  I love the temple.

We then got to go back to the hotel and play a few games and head to bed and sleep without any children waking us up!!!  Wowzee!

 This morning,  we ate the so-so hotel breakfast and then of we went to go to "zip line" over some falls and ravine.  It was a little more of an amusement park ride experience then I expected, but the zip line was awesome and the tandem seat was perfect for an anniversary!  We rode it three times!

 The owner of the zip line told us of a local barbecue place that was yummy so we tried it and, yes, it was delicious!!!  We had such great food and so much of it too!  I don't always like BBQ, but I did this time and I was glad we went.

Finally, we stopped by an outlet mall on the way home.  I have gone there many times since I moved to Texas.  It was always crowded and hard to find a place to park.  Definitely there were over 100 stores that operated there.  But, it has been 5-6 years since I last went.  They are down to three stores that are still open.  It was sad to see it so run down.

Everything today and yesterday was fun with CK.  I enjoy all the time we were able to spend together.  Happy Anniversary to us!!  I am so very happy!

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