Monday, August 27, 2007

1st Day of School

On the first day of school, my Mommy gave to me....12 hugs and kisses, 11 sheets of paper, 10 sharpened pencils, 9 waves goodbye, 8 more hugs , 7 extra waves , 6 pencils erasers, 5 Love Notes, 4 baby carrots, 3 bunches of grapes, 2 new shoes, and a backpack full of school supplies. was the first day of school. Last year, I kept K's friend, S, after school. This year, I am keeping her both before and after school. We were so excited to have her come and eat breakfast with us.
After a couple of pictures...we were off to brave the crazy parents and screaming kids and not enough parking that goes along with the first day of school. K was so nervous she woke up at least ten times last night. C was excited all night and morning, but when we walked through the front door of the school, his countenance changed....he finally got nervous. He held on a little extra tight for his goodbye hug with DH and I and I know he felt a little scared...but his teacher was great this morning (keep my fingers crossed! :) ) She really welcomed him and took good care of making him feel special and welcomed. Then we took K and S to their classroom. It worked out that we got there right as announcements started. That actually is best for long goodbyes...just a dash to her desk and school began. She gets so nervous that this really is the best.

Today has been so quiet without them so far. I have played much more with LD, since he is my only companion. That is fun. My house is also extremely clean and tidy as I did my morning chores early without distraction and LD has only taken out his toys. I like that, too. LD also napped for much longer than he has in the summer...a quiet house does a body good! :)

And...I know everyone is curious after my last post....homeschooling? What to do? Well...I never thought we'd do it immediately if that is the decision. I want to wait 2-4 weeks at least to be able to accurately assess the teachers and the school year, as well as to adequately prepare if that is the decision. But...after much thought and prayer...I have realized that they will be great in either place. They will thrive and learn what they need to learn. The hard thing about this answer is that I still have to make the choice. Sometimes I wish that Heavenly Father'd just make it for me. The good thing, though, is I am assured that either outcome will be beneficial for them. So. There you have it.

Now...I am making the traditional homemade cookies for when they get home from the first day of school. They sure smell yummy, although my electric bill (and air conditioner) will love me for baking 4 dozen cookies on a 99 degree day! It is hot and humid out there today, baby!


nikko said...

It always amazes me how different in temperament our children are (mine vs yours) not that one is better or worse, but they have such drastically different reactions to these sorts of things (i.e. first day of school!)

I called earlier but you must have been too busy making cookies to answer. :o)

Whatever you decide will be wonderful for your kids. An involved parent is the best thing in a kid's education -- whether they are at a public school or at home!

Joyismygoal said...

What a cute creative post i was singing it w/ you . I think you are such an awesome woman and Mom. I agree w/ you they will thrive whatever you decide because they have you as parents in their lives.

Andrea said...

yum. Those cookies look so good.
Sorry the answer is whatever you decide. That's the worst! I'm the worst at decisions. Much easier when it's made for you.
I'm glad to hear it was better.
I'd love some of your warm weather if you could send that and the cookies on over- thanks!

Heather said...

Those cookies look awesome! Hope your kids had a great first day.

zeebee said...

Yummy cookies!
I thought that you would wait it out and see, I think that is the smart thing to do.
p.s. you were SO right about your sister's post and mine...they are so similar it is a bit wierd, but cool.