Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, C!

First...there are so many posts swimming around in my head instead of here in blog-land. Sorry. We have been very busy and life still isn't "normal."

I do, however, want to write about C's birthday party (last Friday). Yes, it is K's birthday that is in 6 days. Yes, C's birthday isn't until mid-July. But, C's best friend is moving this week. So the party had to happen early. Most years I have given the kids the option of having 1-2 friends and going out and doing something or having a huge party in the house with all their friends. This is the first time that C has opted to go out. What a blessing for me, actually, as it was so much less work and I think it was probably the best $75 I have ever spent (and probably less than I would've spent on a party at home!).

He took two of his best friends, E and R, and we went to a local mini-golf place. They had a pass that you could buy to do unlimited golf, rides (including bumper boats), go-carts. It included tokens for the game room and a hot dog for lunch. K and J went to friends' houses and it was just me and the boys. What a blast they had! R is much taller than E and C (who actually really look a lot like twins, at least brothers). This was the only bad thing. He could ride rides they couldn't and they could ride rides he couldn't. It turned out okay and the bumper boats was the hit of the day. Thank-goodness for the unlimited pass. It costs $5 per person per ride. The three of them went on it at least 5-6 times. That, alone, would have been $75.


KP said...

Looks like he had a blast! Happy Early Birthday, C!

victoria said...

That looks so fun!! I love his great big happy grin. Cute kid.

shana said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun!!