Thursday, June 25, 2009

So, this is goodbye.

Our hearts are breaking this morning, especially C's. Our dear friends (txmommy's family) left our house to begin their move across the country. We are so lucky to have known them. We are so lucky to have been so close to them. We are so lucky that our friendships can continue and continue.

L is one of my dearest friends. She is so wise and compassionate. She is so laid-back and calm. She is such a good example of how a mother, friend, wife, and everything a woman should be. I love her so much. I want to be like her when I "grow up."

First, yesterday we had to say goodbye to the pool. We have spent summer after summer enjoying the good company, the cool water, and the laughter of summer here. We have had birthday parties here. We have learned how to swim here. We have talked about the good and the bad. We have shared pregnancies. We have shared heartaches. We have shared joys. We have made so many memories. Thanks.

This has been such a common sight over the last few years that I had to take a picture of it: two brown heads under water. L and I would just look for two heads to keep popping up for air, it was too hard to tell them apart.

After the pool, we were honored to have them stay at our home for their last night in Texas. We had such a fun time. It works out so well, since TXMommy is one of my best friends, E is C's very best friend, and H and K are close friends as well. We loved having them for dinner, nighttime routines, and breakfast. We love them so much. One memory I will cherish forever is singing "Love is Spoken Here" together before family prayer. Our two boys took the "boys' part" so well. I saw future priesthood holders, future missionaries, and future fathers as I listened to them sing their testimonies. What great examples our friends are. Their dad has been here a few times to use his priesthood and bless our family with priesthood blessings. What a great example for my little C.
This was such a common sight: Battlefront. This was a beloved "last time" this morning. So many hours. So many sleepovers. This was the sight every time. It came included with lots of commentary. Videogames are definitely an interactive sport for these two!
This morning was E's 7th birthday. For 15 days our little "twins" are the same age. Here they are in their '7' shirts. While it was so hard to say goodbye, it was interesting how the boys did: by lifting each other up in huge bear hugs. C then came in and wailed and wailed, begging E to turn around and come back. Breaks a Mama's heart. He has had enough losses and heartbreak. But, he is strong. He will be okay.

I guess it is out to Walmart to buy a webcam so we can Skype with them! We miss you, U Family.


nikko said...

We are so sad today, too. They have been such a blessing to so many people.

txmommy said...

thank you thank you thank you for everthing. last night, this morning, and all the years we've been friends. I will miss you terribly.

shana said...

What a sweet post. It's sooooo heartbreaking when people we love move away. Yuck!!!

The Texas Bakers said...

So so sad! That picture of poor C just breaks my heart!

Kathy said...

I am sitting in my hotel room with tears pooring down my face as I read this post. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment. They are both 2 of the sweetest boys I know.