Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come What May the number of posts lately, you would think I'd be going through something difficult or something!

A good friend warned me yesterday that it would probably hit me very hard today. She, unfortunately, was right. This evening has been so difficult. It hurts greater than I thought possible. I am not angry, bitter, or unforgiving, just hurt and sorrowful.

Yet, once again, I was taken care of. I remembered watching a Mormon Messages video by Elder Worthlin some time ago. The kids and I watched it again tonight. It was "Come What May and Love It." It was exactly what we needed. All four of us (well, at least three....LD is still too little to even recognize what is happening) felt the Spirit and such peace and comfort.

I just want to do people ever go through a divorce that they absolutely do not want without the gospel????? As for me and my family, we will come what may and love it.


Colleen said...

My answer to your question "How do people ever go through a divorce that they absolutely do not want without the gospel?": They don't. At least not gracefully. I didn't. I am amazed by you and your ability to keep your head in the right place. You have such strength! I wish I knew you when I was going through my divorce. I took an alternate route and it did not go well for me at all. When I was brought to my knees with humility (literally), I finally realized what I needed to do. Lucky for you, you always knew.

P.S. Thanks for the comment on one of my blogs. I miss you, too, and I am sad that we aren't in the same ward anymore. I wish we had gotten to know each other better. I always felt a connection to you. I am grateful for you inviting me over and calling and chatting with me. I am so bad about initiating conversations with people. I am petrified by it. It is hard for me to make friends because I can be a little introverted. Thanks for drawing me out! ;)

Jay said...

Thank Heavens for the gospel! I've been thinking of you. Your example of always turning to the Lord helps me in my life. I miss ya lots!!

Li said...

Well said! We can't go through anything without the gospel!

Suzanne said...

I am amazed at how much peace the Gospel can bring. We are certainly blessed to have it! May it continue to help you through this time!!! ***hugs***

Amanda said...

I love that talk. Thanks for reminding me about it-- I'll make time to reread it this weekend. I actually can't comprehend going through much of anything in life without the gospel. Stay strong. you are a wonderful example to many women everywhere.