Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ironies of Rain

Most of you were asleep when I posted last night and might still be asleep as I post again...crazy. Two posts in less than eight hours. is raining. There are so many ironies of that:
  1. It was pouring rain, similar to today, on our wedding day 12 years ago.
  2. Rain symbolizes sorrow and tears and if there was ever a day to feel sorrow, it is today.
  3. Rain also symbolizes becoming clean and a new birth, a fresh start. That could be today also.

So, isn't it ironic? It is raining.


nikko said...

I will be thinking of you today!

I just keep thinking that this will be so much easier to deal with when it's over. Here's to a fresh start! You can do it!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

You will get through the storm and you deserve your fresh start so much

Suzanne said...

I'm sure today will be difficult. Your strength truly amazes me!!! I pray that Heavenly Father will give you the peace you need during this time.

I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to get together when you were in Utah. Things got so crazy at the end of my pregnancy that I didn't have time to blog and having visitors the week she was born would have been too overwhelming. I hope you had a great trip and hopefully we can get together next time! :)

shana said...

You are seriously an inspiration. I admire your strength, courage and faith. Good luck today. Many prayers are being sent your way!!

Valencia said...

Wish I were closer--but am praying you are blessed with the peace and strength you need. You are amazing--love you!

victoria said...

I hope things went as well as they could. I remember that rainy day... I'm so sad with you about all this.

Ruth said...

Good luck with this stage of things and know that many people are praying for you. You are amazing! I hope the sun shines on you today.