Friday, November 13, 2009

Gymnastics - October 26, 2009

Every year our local high school holds a 7-8 week gymnastics class. The classes actually do age-appropriate things on the real gymnastics equipment. K LOVES it! Every year she can't wait to do it. Since it is on Monday nights when DH has them, he has been taking K. I got to be there a couple of times, however. The parents sit relatively far away from the kids (except picture day...which hasn't happened yet and DH will probably be the one that is there), so this picture is blurry and grainy.
Notice the was costume night at gymnastics and K won one of the prizes in the contest! She was sooooooooooooooo excited.
This is another sort of random picture. Here is LD with two of his friends that were playing at our house. They are all three and they love to play together! They will grow up so fast. I have similar pictures with K and C at this age. -sigh-
PS....I am doing it! One post a day and I am slowly but surely catching up! :)


nikko said...

You're catching up and I'm falling behind... Oh well!

Cute picture with Bay and LD and P. I love their cute little three year old smiles!

victoria said...

That LD is one cutie! I really want to get my girls back into gymnastics, they love it, too!

The Tall and Short of it said...

I love that pic. It totally could be Koko, C and JB!!!!!! lol It makes me smile and think of dear friends!