Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pinewood Derby - October 23, 2009

C participated in his first ever pinewood derby last month. We are so blessed that he got to participate in it. First, we have great home teachers who, for weeks had C over to work on his car with them. He loved it. I loved that he was rubbing shoulders with great Priesthood holders. I am so grateful. Second, the derby itself was during DH's time with the kids. He was generous enough to let C go. What a blessing.

Now, for the race itself. C's car won the first three-four races easily. It looked great. His face was pure joy, especially when he won that very first race. Then he lost one. This put him in the playoff race for third place. He lost that one, too, ending up 4th. He was devastated. Oh well. It was still worth it. He really had so much fun. But, it doesn't matter how often you tell an 8-year-old that "winning isn't everything," they still wish that they had won.

The sad thing was that my camera quickly ran out of batteries. I thought it was charged enough. Nope. I was wrong. I took more pictures with my phone...but, in the interest of actually getting these posts caught up a little....I didn't take the time to download them off the phone yet.


The 7B's said...

How fun! CR and KC really get into it. We'll have to watch the Pinewood Derby movie when you are here it is hilarious!

btw, thanks for posting. It's fun to read your posts.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Not bad for coming in 4th, especially for this being his first!

Great car C!!

kiki said...

Pinewood derbies are always so much fun! Tell him congrats for getting 4th place! That's way cool. :)

The Tall and Short of it said...

C you look so happy! I love seeing your cute little smile! I bet you had so much fun!! =)