Sunday, November 22, 2009

LD and a firetruck

We have had many experiences with firetrucks and firemen, luckily never in an emergency. LD loves it every time. This time it was at our local library storytime. LD and I have been going regularly every week. Earlier this year, he did not like storytime and was nervous with the crowds. I guess he's overcome it....the firetruck storytime was very, very full and he was okay.

At this time of year of being thankful, I truly am thankful for our firefighters and policemen/women and others that serve me to keep my family and I safe. Thank-you!


Natalie said...

You have such a cute little guy and fire trucks are so much fun for little boys. You are such a good Mommy to all 3 of your children.

shana said...

Alex would have been in heaven. He is obsessed with fire trucks these days!!!